Former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete аחԁ һіѕ wife, actress Holly Robinson Peete, talk аbουt tһе struggles аחԁ triumphs wһіƖе raising аח autistic son.

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6 Responses to “Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete speak about Autism and their Son”
  1. iLubCookiex3 says:

    @dragonrn Oh really? Then how come she ended up in the final two? Why didn’t the others? For heavns sake she actually DID work. Good ness. Your just jealous because you can’t sing like her. Atleast she has a cause. You no hearted people. I hate these people that are so full of themselves.

  2. iLubCookiex3 says:

    @Donnatella75 even if you don’t respect her, she isn’t half that bad.

  3. iLubCookiex3 says:

    @Donnatella75 She’s just trying to do hard work. Without her hard work how could she have been in the final 2? I bet your just jealous of her. The show is about working. Not about being friends with people! And not like Survivors the people vote. Donald Votes. GOSH! And to say, Her career is better then anyone i know, she doesn’t do drugs, nor have stupid rumors. And has a beautiful family. I don’t care if you respect her or not.

  4. Donnatella75 says:

    thats right Holly Celebrity Appentice showed your true colors. You where really nasty and backstabbing on that show. I have to say I think your career is over no one will want to watch or hear anything from you anymore. You always tried to get people against Cindy cause you must be jelous that everyone loves her and she has great talet. holly you were ver fake on the show. You have tarnished your reputation

  5. dragonrn says:

    Unfortunately, Holly, your cause is losing focus due to the utter ugly conniving way you present yourself on celebrity apprentice. No one wants to heat you sing, get over yourself, if you could really sing you’d have a recording contract. Your face is always twisted in such bi***h mode, rewatch the show, and see how you put the final nail in your non career

  6. MrBLACKRJ says:

    My name is Richard, I am doing a class project on Autism; I want to personally thank you for sharing RJ with the world and thank you for sharing your struggles.

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