More 4 News οח һοw autistic people һаνе found a kind οf freedom through technology. Autism іѕ חοt a disease, tһеу ѕау, bυt a way οf life.

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25 Responses to “Second Life with Autism”
  1. wolf2hawk says:

    ay ay ay ay…. FUCK YOU

  2. jasdiofa says:

    lmfao ikr gtfo retards

  3. CarlosUVV says:

    I saw your postings, and what I can say is that this is a very interesting discussion. Is authism an alternative way of life or a disability?

    My answer would be that it depends if autistic traits are so strong that relationship with society gets heavily impaired and it causes you problems.

    And I believe authistic people may see a few things out of the box, because they are different. Just as schizophrenics can.

  4. Scooterq513 says:

    thats so mean dude

  5. mookalooka says:


  6. MissCedarbridge1 says:

    who you?? dam sweety you shouldnt talk about your self in that way =)

  7. tom1984uk says:


  8. Anonymous221 says:

    Fuckin’ retards

  9. AntiStupidity says:

    Yes… Martin Luther King’s black rights movement… No.

    An autism movement that paves the way for future autism by making abortion of autistic babies unlawful… Hell, why not just make it all neural disorders? They’re all just ‘different ways of thinking’.

    Autism should be cured, when a baby is born or before. Don’t burden your own pride on the lives of others.

    I know a guy with aspergers, I can get along well with him, but he would even admit that his way of thinking is an impedance.

  10. therandomexample says:

    autistic liberation front? what about the house-elf liberation front. and yes you DO have a disability. We only are trying to help you not be looked at as odd! don’t bite the hand that feeds you..

  11. Kumari58787 says:

    I think I can be hard to live with but I find it hard to live with NeuroTypical people

  12. UTBESUX says:

    Autistic people act like victims? Are you serious? Wow man, it’s getting to the point where there are so many idiots on the net that have no clue that is astonishing and you now join that club.

  13. Oddloki says:

    Autistic people act like victims. But they want to stay victims. And they still want to complain about it.

    And they don’t understand why they get so much hate.

  14. crazy99999999999999 says:

    i’m in this guy in the red and white football shirt !

  15. fleisch09 says:

    Shagron, Asshole. I happen to be autistic, I made it through HS, and I’m in college. I would not die without the help of my parents, I have what’s referred to as “functional” autism. Did some damn research

  16. fleisch09 says:

    crazeoutscreaming. I’m autistic. Watch my videos. Does it seem like I really need help?

  17. crazeoutscreaming says:

    Autistic people should get as much help as they can get. However I do agree with Sitheis2009, there should be no cure. My little brother has AS, and I can say he is sometimes difficult to live with. Although, like everyone he is unique, and has his own skills. He can do his 9673.2 times table for gods sake. Hes one of the best mathamaticans in his class. If you took that away from him, he would be left distraught. God bless all Autistic people!

  18. history546 says:

    no not in the slightest

  19. Sitheis2009 says:

    Autistic people should get help, support and therapy to live a normal life, but there should be no cure. I have autism and I want desperately to succeed, but I don’t want my autism to go all together. Good video anyway.

  20. Shagron1349 says:

    your special. -.-

    autism ppl sucks and they would die w/o help. so its against the nature to help them or? xD
    I’m just saying that because i got threaded as autist w/o beeing one. goddam -.- i have seen much things with my own eyes that i made my own thught about it. and its wong how they get helped. So they start to life how they are and not going to compromise ther problems.

  21. gameexe says:

    hey wtf, this video is so wrong, people just gotta realize that life is a bitch you know, and being against genetical modifications and stuff to prevent people with autism being born is just selfish and cruel imo, out of all the people, autistic people should know best what is like to be treted like shit for what you are, and yet they want that more people like them would be born into the world and suffer the ridicule of the mainstream society, get what i’m goin at?

  22. chrisaira says:

    hey my opinions are better than everyone elses usually, sometimes not but often im the one who knows best

  23. chrisaira says:

    you know nobody takes us seriously even the most mature of autistics who show the sdlightest weirdness get immediately dismissed by people in authority. for example i went to a teacher and asked whats the time, then my lsa started moaning at me saying i was being unrasonable and that i shouldnt communicate wth teachers

  24. chrisaira says:

    no autism doesnt make you not think asbout sex thats not true your brother probably does but behind everyones backs, unless hes asexual allthough only 1percent of pople are

  25. chrisaira says:

    you know that “retard” doesnt act like a retard all the time, she just does it because its her “native language”

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