Second round οf Basics Covering – Sensory difficulties, “One track mind”, “Arrogance”, Special interests, аחԁ a bit more :) Please rate, comment аחԁ subcribe! AƖѕο, remember tһаt уου аrе more tһаח welcome tο send qυеѕtіοחѕ аחԁ іԁеаѕ mу way :)

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25 Responses to “Second Round of Basics on Aspergers”
  1. GDelva2003 says:

    what is a “One track mind”

  2. LaBangBanging says:

    Sorry, but you’re not asperger at all! Take another test, please. The psychologist has misled you completely!

    I have the same problems as you plus some others, and guess what.. I’m a borderline, lol.

    We’re all normal people. With similarities and differences :3

  3. riverlioness says:

    Guess what? You have been looking at the camera, until you said that Aspergers Syndrome people don’t look straight. I think you’ve been misled.
    I was involved in psychology at one point in time. Then, I saw what they were willing to do for money. I have interpretted the diagnosis of Aspergers, and it doesn’t affect the memory, but that’s half of intelligence. You’ve been weaseled into a stigma for your academic performance. Do you know why people bully you? You’re a nerd and they are stupid.

  4. mbncd says:

    I often had problems with perfectionism, both in myself and in what was being said or done around us. Even know, I can have a 1 sided argument with Mum over several hours because she said something I thought was wrong and I feel an absolute NEED to get her to understand what I know to be true.

    I’m not vengeful so much as just silently holding a grudge and never forgiving others for even small things, often reliving years old negative events but not doing anything about them. I can’t “move on”.

  5. MistressArte says:

    Try drinking a glass of wine daily. That keeps my immune system working well it might work for you too. <3

  6. iindiar says:

    Touching/moving styrofoam….i hate that sound lol.

  7. TheAnMish says:

    Hm.. I was tested when I was around 6 yes, it was my mother.. she has always thought there was something wrong with me…

    My teachers didn’t care :D

  8. ducky102 says:

    Hi, just a quick question, you said in the previous vid that you were tested at 6. What was the reason for getting tested if you don’t mind me asking.

    Was it something your parents noticed and wanted to have checked, or was it something your techers noticed?


  9. Mcrlover2death says:

    ehey, hon. I have it too and how old are you?

  10. DeHerg says:

    an impulsive need to correct others and the heavy problems with admitting to be corrected(and a revengeful Nature) … sounds like that putting 2 Aspies in a Room isnt a very good Idea

  11. saul446 says:

    fair enough

  12. TheAnMish says:

    No, I meant on youtube.

  13. saul446 says:

    ok, do you have MSN or Windows messager?(i have the latter and could set up the former quite easily)

  14. TheAnMish says:

    Well.. Personal messages might work better.
    I don’t really e-mail with people for conversations, since I don’t check my mail very often :D

  15. saul446 says:

    I just gathered you might feel uncomfortable giving me your email since you’ve only just met me (kinda). I could give you mine if you like.

  16. TheAnMish says:

    mainly self-taught..

    Can I ask why we’re having this conversation on the comment board of a video?
    It seems.. odd, to me.

  17. saul446 says:

    Cool, have you taken grades? are you self-taught?

  18. TheAnMish says:

    Just the piano

  19. saul446 says:

    Similar thing here, though I tend to try and write thats sort of closer to bands like Pink Floyd and Progressive stuff in weird time signatures, every so often I delve into people like Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Nirvana. There’s this really cool japanese singer called Myavi, if you do a search for “Itoshii Hito” on youtube, quite a nice song, don’t understand the words mind. Do you play any instruments?

  20. MarxIzalias says:

    Do you think you are more prone to a placebo effect or a nocebo effect?

  21. TheAnMish says:

    Pronounced like Maya.. I think is closest.

    I write pop. With a hint of.. well.. whatever I feel like at the time. I have it on my other channel though, so you can just go and listen..

  22. saul446 says:

    It says on your profile that you’re a singer/songwriter what sort of style do you compose rock, pop, jazz, hip hop? Sorry, I’m probably asking too many questions

  23. saul446 says:

    Oh cool! how is that pronounced is it spanish like, Miya? Sorry I probably being a bit idiotic

  24. TheAnMish says:


  25. saul446 says:

    What’s ur name if you don’t mind my asking?

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