Mу six-year-οƖԁ daughter having wһаt I tһіחk іѕ a seizure. One EEG ѕһοwеԁ seizure activity, tһе second one ԁіԁ חοt. Sһе іѕ suspected tο һаνе Aspergers аѕ well.

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25 Responses to “Seizure Perhaps?”
  1. sweetbhikkhuni says:

    She is so beautiful, seizures or no. God bless you and your daughter.

  2. Buffheart says:

    @IndigoCat17 Aren’t Crystal and Indigo children the ones who see Angels and spirits? I was diagnosed with Aspergers and I have never had any sort of supernatural experiences ever in my life! How can you say that Aspergers is not a real disorder? There is a difference between Crystal/Indigo children and children who have Aspergers.

  3. superpea1 says:

    My daughter does that.. she has been diagnosed as having transient tic disorder..

  4. 1BONJOVIGIRL says:

    I have seizures.Not tourettes.

  5. UKmeMAMA448 says:

    she might have tourettes syndrome

  6. walkertexasranger33 says:

    omfg your children are soo annoying id kill myself

  7. IndigoCat17 says:

    @kaylinsvlog I was dignosed with it but I cant except it because I know I don’t have it and I believe it is just a cover up for what is really a step up in evaloution these kids are here for a reason these kids are here to change the world to make the peace we never had

  8. kaylinsvlog says:

    @IndigoCat17 excuse me i have aspergers myself, it is a REAL DISSORDER! looks like shes got some absence seizures. poor kid.

  9. grapetwistersoda says:

    She’s using a combination of !Sense & !Scan magick.

  10. hisguhfrmtx says:

    no its a brain freeze

  11. ALLyouBASTARDpeople says:

    why the hell does this have to happen to a little kid.

  12. IndigoCat17 says:

    Aspergers is not a real disorder it is a cover up for these kids called Crystal and Indigo kids!!! :D Look up the crystal children I really believe she is a crystal child

  13. IndigoCat17 says:

    I believe she is just having a tic

  14. NAGME says:

    i have seen seizures like this several times. I would say it’s a focal seizure also known as partial seizure.

  15. NAGME says:

    i have seen seizures like this several times. I would say it’s a focal seizure also known as partial seizure.

  16. p2thumper07 says:

    yea completely agree, def a seizure

  17. gregorkrause says:

    0:20 kind of reminds me of that scene in the 1925 lon chaney classic “the phantom of the opera”

  18. ScorpioCookies says:

    shes always looking right at the camera when she does that. even when you moved it a little she moves too.

  19. kaylinsvlog says:

    when her eyes went big and she stopped talking i got a little nervous there. poor kid. hope it goes away soon. ive got aspergers syndrome as well, so i know what portia must be going through.

  20. LakerzNum1 says:

    I’m sure i will get a thumbs down but if you do your research this is not a seizure. The only seizure you can do that and remember is pseudo-seizures aka PNES! This is no absence seizure or none of that because as said in many comments she will just resume and she was also forcing herself it looks like. But when she said she think its one of her seizures that’s just extra proof it wasn’t. I wish her the best.

  21. drjakson1 says:

    are you sure its not CD compolsive disorder, its when the brain “feels” it needs to do something and sometimes foces you to do it, CD is when you do repetitive behaviour you feel you have to do or something bad will happen in return

  22. B00kBound says:

    For those of you who are do not believe that this is an absense seizure, it is not possible that it could be a partial? If awareness, memory and consciousness are all preserved, would it not be classified as a simple partial?

    That is what I thought of when I watched this video.

  23. BLAKPEARL69 says:

    she knew she had an seizure when some do not remember anything. aww.

  24. madliny45 says:

    thats one alright

  25. FinalFantasy51485 says:

    She was sensing something in the future. A premonition.

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