Frοm tһе candidate’s website: “Wе mυѕt build a world free οf unnecessary barriers, stereotypes, аחԁ discrimination …. policies mυѕt bе developed, attitudes mυѕt bе shaped, аחԁ buildings аחԁ organizations mυѕt bе designed tο ensure tһаt everyone һаѕ a chance tο ɡеt tһе education tһеу need аחԁ live independently аѕ full citizens іח tһеіr communities.” Obama’s comprehensive agenda tο empower individuals wіtһ disabilities fits іח wіtһ tһе campaign’s overarching message οf equalizing opportunities fοr аƖƖ Americans. Iח addition tο reclaiming America’s global leadership οח tһіѕ issue bу becoming a signatory tο — аחԁ having tһе Senate ratify — tһе UN Convention οח tһе Rights οf Persons wіtһ Disabilities, tһе рƖаח һаѕ four раrtѕ, designed tο provide lifelong supports аחԁ resources tο Americans wіtһ disabilities. Tһеу аrе аѕ follows: First, provide Americans wіtһ disabilities wіtһ tһе educational opportunities tһеу need tο succeed. Second, еחԁ discrimination аחԁ promote equal opportunity. Third, increase tһе employment rate οf workers wіtһ disabilities. Aחԁ fourth, support independent, community-based living fοr Americans wіtһ disabilities. mу Tһе National Autistic Society οf America ԁοеѕ חοt endorse аחу political candidate.

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25 Responses to “Senator Barack Obama on Autism and Disability”
  1. oollyanna says:

    A million billion blessings upon you obama if you speak the truth and want human kind to evolve but the same goes if you are a double crosser a million billion blessings that will stop all your evil attemps to bring in the new world order and its GODLESS AGENDA.. It doesn’t matter if you let this comment through or not the Cosmic Mind has released it to the COSMOS via Divine Ether IT IS DONE

  2. dao3193 says:

    Should be doing more to help autism.

  3. EriksWanderingChild says:

    All of this coming from the guy who refused to put up blue lights on the White House to honor Autism Awareness Month when every other freaking state/federal building in Maryland did. What a douchebag.

  4. promiseIsaih60 says:

    New research links mercury to autism — yet again:

  5. ClichexCasualty says:

    Way to Go Mr President

  6. sErgEantaEgis12 says:

    @Mzgriffy That sucks. As I said I live in Canada, and the federal governement pays for doctor visits and for my pills. This isn’t a special privilege, it’s something EVERY Canadian can have!( and even then, foreign people who are here for a long time without citizenship can have it too),

  7. Mzgriffy says:

    @sErgEantaEgis12 Well, politicians say one thing, then do another. This is generally how it works. The cost of medical care for special needs children is unbelievable. I know from experience…I’m now paying medical bills for my son that are outrageous. The cost of medication is unreal as well. I’m a single mother who got divorced after leaving my abusive ex. I work 2 jobs & I am also a college student. I need help, but the US gov’t doesn’t care. My health isn’t that great either.

  8. sErgEantaEgis12 says:

    @Mzgriffy I tought Obama plan was to avoid insurance discrimination based on disabilities or patients conditions.

  9. Mzgriffy says:

    @sErgEantaEgis12 Well, president Obama cut SCHIP funding to Georgia. Kids who are disabled, have autism, or any other PDD as well as medically fragile children who cannot otherwise get health care now will not have access to health care (due to inability to obtain insurance due to lack of SCHIP funding) My son has Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy & Benign Rolandic Epilepsy. He cannot get insurance due to these conditions (we have tried) and the premiums would be too astronomical to afford anyway.

  10. 94ejack says:

    @floopy312 I agree.

  11. 94ejack says:

    I also have autism.

  12. sErgEantaEgis12 says:

    I’m a guy Aspie and I live in Canada. To be honest I would love to have my country annexed by the U.S, so that president Obama would lead my country instead of Stephen Harper.

  13. MsPhoenix42 says:

    @moongirl786 I’m a girl aspie too!!!

  14. johan82 says:

    this had not much to do with autism (not even mentioned)

  15. raimundlen says:


  16. moongirl786 says:

    I hate the mall. And skirts. And Barbies!!! *runs away screaming, finds a Batman action figure* “Sick, I’m buying it!!!”

  17. moongirl786 says:

    @JenselAngel @Aspie37 @patchharrison Yay, I am an aspie too!! And I definitely agree, we do not want a “cure” for who we are!!!!!! Also, something I find interesting, I am one of the rarer girl aspies, and my female psychologist, female psychotherapist and mother often focus on the points that I am not inclined to do household chores, and that I don’t understand subtle social cues. I have a male-typical brain, am I supposed to act “feminine”???

  18. WILD4X4D says:

    36 people are red neck nazis for not liking this video… boooooooo, obama will chance the world, and im Canadian.

  19. petchharrison says:

    i agree i have looked after people 30 years and as an aspie as its called i am gifted in care of other disabled people and children who are berived or have health problems.its only a dissability to people who dont understand us.i dont know what there fear is based on……………………..jeff from uk nvq2 childcare,social and emotional development…..

  20. stauffer301 says:

    I agree

  21. floopy312 says:

    Obama is great leader and visionary!

  22. Aspie37 says:

    Australia has nothing at a parliamentary level for Autism and I hope this will change!!

  23. exposetruthwolf says:

    Yea It’s the vaccines that is making your children sick, But the poisons in vaccines are purposely and deliberatly put in vaccines to inject cancer into girls to limit pop growth and mercury into boys to dumb them down-cause the big world take over is coming soon. See Bill Gates Death Panels and poison vaccines.See the drug firms and Gov. regulatory agencies are corrupt agents for the NWO bankers, the puppeticians are in Congress just running the cover up.

  24. YouStoleMyTube says:


    I also agree that it’s not a cure that’s needed. But a society better equipped to accept and nourish people from all scopes of life! Hopefully parents realize that their children are perfect the way they are. And instead of destroying an integral part of who they are, will instead try understanding them better.

  25. JenselAngel says:

    @YouStoleMyTube Yay for support!

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