Senator Gillibrand Unveils 3-Point PƖаח tο mаkе Quality Autism Treatment Affordable Fοr Families

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9 Responses to “Senator Gillibrand’s Autism Plan”
  1. SaganAppreciationSoc says:

    “Our” parents need help with autistic children? What are you hinting at Senator?

  2. WTCnucleardemolition says:

    Google “9/11 Cancers”

  3. dugmaze says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear a reputable voice in the autism battle. Healthcare is the number one drain in my family, especially since my wife had to quit work to homeschool our autistic child. Thank you so much. Your giving people hope.

  4. kollaidxohyeah says:

    god bless for having a voice like you that could make a big difference in our lives who have sons and daughters who have autism. it makes my life less worrisome of how my 9 yr old boy would be like, knowing we have a powerful voice from the senate who really understand parents inside fear of what to expect on their children future. God give you more strength and courage for your love of our special children. Thanks a lot.

  5. onebeachinmom says:

    Thank you for being the voice for the many parents who have a child/children with autism.

  6. AED0144 says:

    My grandaughter has autism. She’s 9 years old and also has epilepsy.Her Dr.did an MRI on her brain recently and found no brain damage and he thinks with good meds he feels he should be able to help her. Hopefully he can help her. It’s really good to see that they appropriated funds for autism research and I thank you for all your help. Thanks, .

  7. Scott4Jesus says:

    To say “A all these illnesses are part hereditary from generations of malnutrition and part diet and part stress” are both ignorant and dangerous. The Sen.’s main statement was to have the insurance companies pay for the care of these individuals in therapy. Second all individuals are individual. Not a blanket statement of diet. Research is needed. Thank God that this issue is being addressed. No one wanted to touch this till Joshua Carrey’s death in the hands of abuse.

  8. DJEclipseNiagara says:

    Better nutrition helps everyone, but herbal treatments are not going to “cure” autism or lesson the symptoms.

  9. patiosun says:

    We must do more to heal ourselves and our children with nutrition and herbal treatments rather than dealing with more doctors and more insurance.. all thses illnesses are part hereditary from generations of malnutrition and part diet and part stress do your research my friends and lets stop always looking for more doctors and more medication and please don’t remove my comment. Im not trying to criticize but only to inform and motivate anyone who may read this.

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