Example οf sensory overload frοm a person wіtһ aspergers

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25 Responses to “Sensory Overload”
  1. HappyDiscoDeath says:

    @AspergersGirl from another Aspie, it ‘s like the sound (say styrofoam chunks rubbing together) is amplified a bunch to an intolerable squeal. there’s also the weird habits and interests, inability to interact in some ways, basically missing most of the social stuff that normal people have.

  2. gtysz says:

    I wrote earlier today, before I read all of the responses I still have not finished). I see that women are not usually diagnosed until later in life because it is rare in females. I am not an expert, but I am a 57 year old male who was just diagnosed. I have spent 3/4 of my life not knowing what was wrong but knowing something was, and most of the symptoms of AS have manifested themselves in my life and who I became. I am still working through this ‘awakening.’ Its hard to look ahead.

  3. gtysz says:

    I have AS. I can relate. I cannot eat fried eggs-they make me gag. That slimy texture. Anything dry against my skin like painted surfaces make me shudder. I can’t stand anything touching my feet, intentionally but more when accidental. I can’t stand lawnmowers, hammering, jackhammers. Light that others see fine is too bright sometimes for me to look at. I see visual noise, and color where there is none.

  4. brianp2008 says:

    I have AS, and I’m very sensitive to loud noises. The noises that bother me the most are dogs barking, the noise of the sink garbage disposal, and a hair dryer. I’m also very sensitive to the feel of lotion and wooden popscicle sticks. I hate mayo with a passion.

  5. Mamasfallenangelodd says:

    I agree, She is a cutie. Where are you from AspergersGirl? LOL! You should see me when people have their Car Bass on. I go crazy. I hate the feel of Paint on my hands and I love to paint. This makes so much sense. Thanks for the video!

  6. the1princefrank says:

    i cant stand echos and avoid going into town i cant go clubbing or do “normal” things for my age like that, i often melt down or as i say freak out i used to have very violent episodes but id not feel conscios and i wouldnt be able to remember what happened after im not as bad now i usually just get on the floor and cover my ears and eyes untill i have calmed down enough to get away or stop what ever it is upsetting me.

  7. the1princefrank says:

    im the same but id like to add that once iv touched something that feels horrible i can shudder on and off for upto two hours after even after washing my hands several times and knowing its gone, sometimes its even hard to eat like i have a sauce phobia because it feels so horrible i cant have it anywhere near me and the only thing that soothes my skin in running my hands under warm water.

  8. Risusan says:

    that’s kinda strange. noises that usually bother others (ie: chalkboard screeching, crying babies, etc) don’t bother me. I do have aspergers, but sensations don’t really bother me at all. is it normal to be super sensitive to different senses? Because I’m pretty neutral.

  9. nijaexhile3 says:

    Hmm…I dont have the condition but I cant STAND the sound of styrofoam either…Eek… even thinking about it makes me flinch a little…

  10. coronaqueen221 says:

    @kazza224 OMG I HATE POPPING BALLONS….it scares the SHIT out of me, i feel like my eardrums are about to explode!! and I don’t like people being too close even my b/f of 3 years…

  11. Go21Veg says:

    @xxoxia We girls are usually not diagnosed until later in life because autism is rarer in females. They say the odds are 1 in 150, but only 1 out of 12 of those cases is a girl. Just thought you should know.

  12. xxoxia says:

    Wow, I really love your voice and how animated you are with explaining things. I can’t believe you were 13 when diagnosed. Why so late? I have a 7 year old son who has high functioning autism. He was diagnosed when he was 3. I live in the UK, and he lives in the US with his mom, and I haven’t seen him since he was 2 :( I only get to see him through you tube videos, and that’s how I came across you.


    @mrsladida cool—thx 4 explainin to me

  14. mrsladida says:

    @naruhinafan9999 No, in fact that’s normal. I think 20% of aspies have this condition as well.

  15. mrsladida says:

    @JOEYGOLDCOMEDY You just feel things 10 times more than most people do. For example I have an excellent sense of smell. I can smell a chewing gum on the steps like 10 steps away, I am serious. And it’s disgusting.
    Also even if a sweater has only like 1% wool, it feels to me the same as 100%. It suffocates me.
    So you could say we’re more sensitive to things, and the important thing to know is that we’re never exaggerating.
    Well, that’s the point really.

  16. naruhinafan9999 says:

    For some reasion I have my sensory overloads whenever I’m nervous is that weird for an aspie?

  17. kazza224 says:

    i am not autistic nor aspergers but even us neurotypicals can have issues
    i dont like the feel of woollens.food on my hands esp gritty foods or slimy foods.i cant stand loud noises.i hate people eating because i can hear them doing so and it sounds disgusting,i cant stand balloons either mainly because of the noise they make when they pop.
    how ever i love the smell of plastic.petrol.freshly cut grass and i love the feel of velvert

  18. MsFuckingBitch says:

    arrrrrrgggggggggggg hve same problem. ANYBODY HELP? i hate noises, i end up in mental institution 4 times because of extrasensitive hearing. im just hopeless, dont know why i ever gave this up..

  19. invaderzooky says:

    My nephew has Autism, and it bothers him when water is anything but clear. Like in lakes when it looks brown at the edges.

  20. EinkOLED says:

    I’m particularly sensitive to clothing on my chest and waist and try to ensure it stays away from my skin. Usually this results in my shirt/jacket pushed near my neck or shoulder region. Or pants near my stomach region, but not in public.

  21. MargeSimpson20 says:

    I think a lot of people find that scary,autistic or not.

  22. jumpingstarfish says:

    How about those automatic flushing toilets? They scare the crap outta me.

  23. sentient says:

    I can’t stand a lot of light. I wear sunglasses all the time, and I keep the light off in my room unless I need to look for something, or clean. I also cannot concentrate on something when someone is talking to me. I’m sure that’s not limited to AS. When I was a child I went berserk to the sound of vacuums, hair dryers, and sirens. That doesn’t bother me anymore. I also hate sweaters. They are the most uncomfortable piece of clothing ever made.

  24. temple26797 says:

    I keep sound silencer ear muffs available around the house. I have two sets of comfortable ear plugs out in my car.
    I wore sunglasses for the brightness of the computer monitor, but then I found I could adjust most of the blue out. I still have to “select” blocks of text so it is white letters on a dark background.

  25. MargeSimpson20 says:

    I’m scared of balloons popping as well.

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