Talking аbουt ѕοmе οf tһе major sensory issues I һаνе. Sοmе doctors believe tһаt іt іѕ another form οf Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s still іח qυеѕtіοח οf whether οr חοt I һаνе Aspergers. I deal wіtһ іt tһе best I саח аחԁ ways tο cope.

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12 Responses to “Sensory Processing Disorder”
  1. AutisticWhoLives4God says:

    I love lots of weight on me, too. Great video.

  2. T3hFlyingpizzamuffin says:

    Wait, what? I didn’t know that they changed Sensory integration disorder/dysfunction name, AGAIN. No WONDER people haven’t known what i have been talking about. :( Good video :)

  3. ratkinzluver33 says:

    Same here but what I don’t understand is that none of these symptoms occur in me :( …. I don’t have autism though.. I hate loud noises. I hate people touching my face. ugh. Also I don’t like clothes with seems and labels on them. But unlike what people say I do like the feel of play doh infact I think play doh actually helps me! And I love swings too again unlike what people say. Another really annoying thing is jeans… UGH I hate jeans… lol

  4. Momto2princesses says:

    both of my girls suffer from Sensory processing disorder,my eldest is just by chance she is what the therapists call my “true SPD child” she pretty much suffers with all of her sensors…especially her vestibular sensory. My second youngest child was a super preemie….she has been diagnosed to be on the very low end of the autism spectrum…her “diagnosis” was PDD-NOS….which is essentially *PS..yer kid has autism but we dont want to slap a stigma on them*

  5. 2182m says:

    Thank You for sharring! This is a mirical I think I have finnaly figured out over 27 years of tourture and an odd life I bekieve I now have the answers. I just found out about Sensory Processing Disorder a few days ago! I will be checking in a lot and hoping for more new videos THANKS!!!!

  6. DarkWaterfall says:

    Some shrinks do, some shrinks don’t. I’ve looked into this a lot more since I made this video. SPD DOES occur separately than Autism Spectrum Disorders, however most, if not all, people with ASDs have SPD. It has been confirmed that I have Aspergers. The main difference b/w the two is communication skills. Verbal communication can wear me out. I often don’t know what to say, or when to say it. Making videos, isn’t very hard for me,it’s one sided, but face to face is an entirely different story.

  7. HEARTANDSOUL1983 says:

    i loved that u mentioned the out of sync child book, i loved that book after getting my sons dx of spd.. theres also a second one called the out of sync child has fun :) my son is was weird to hear u say spd is on the autism spectrum bc when my son was dx, they said he wasnt on the spectrium or had any of the pdd (pervassive developement disorder) well actually a shrink and what not said he didnt. an occuptional therapist (ot) diagonised him with spd

  8. castbracelover6 says:

    Hi you are soo sweety!you need not gos out and drink:)
    but i understand you!!!
    Pleace make more movies with your bracething:)

  9. Orphene21 says:

    My doctors believe that I have a Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Which made it difficult for me to learn in college with all the noise around me, I’ve never known I had this condition, so I think I just adapted and compensated to deal with those kind of environments. Just usually takes me a little while to get my brain centered in loud environments.

  10. dragongrl61 says:

    I have Sensory Processing Disorder because my parents said I cried a lot when I was little and I was overly sensitive to people toching me

  11. DarkWaterfall says:

    With the EDS and the pain that comes with that, it’s very difficult gauge that. Yes, it is very likely that I have FMS and CFS, but that it’s secondary to the EDS. (wow, lots of letters there!) If you have the same reactions to outside stimulus, google SPD, a lot of the checklist are geared towards parents with kids with SPD, but it was a big help to me!! If it fits, print out the info and talk to your dr. It’s possible to have both FMS and SPD! I’m not a dr, just someone who understands.

  12. m00nbugg says:

    Have you ever been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or a similar illness? I experience the exact same symptoms, but always attributed it to FMS.

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