It’s nice tһаt Sesame Street features disabled people аחԁ I’m חοt saying bесаυѕе οf tһе fact I һаνе Aspergers‘ Syndrome.

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25 Responses to “Sesame Street – wheelchair race”
  1. DizzyedUpGirl says:

    Ha! You cheated and karma took your tooth away.

  2. Paulywint says:

    I remember this clip. It was made around 1980

  3. Nightmastercool97 says:

    Seseme Street was really groundbreaking and up until 1998 it featured a wide ranger of people with a many different handicaps, disabilities, nationalities, races, ethnic groups, socioeconomic statuses, sexual orientations, classes, ranks, and so foruth.

  4. Jibjub80 says:

    At 2.05, the winner of the gold medal has yucky teeth :-

  5. BeckyDR says:

    I’m an Aspie as well :)

  6. BeckyDR says:

    are you totally blind or VI? I am VI (low vision in both eyes due to a birth defect)

  7. Hadra568 says:

    Sally Struthers…SKINNY???

  8. kobraf150 says:

    Good clip, I have a niece with autism. I never knew that was Sally there. Wow she was starting to get big there.

  9. StevenShields29 says:

    But seriously, I am very glad that SS included the handicapped, so that all normal children could feel superior to at least something.

  10. StevenShields29 says:

    My big brother always called this one “March of the Cretins”. I would ask who are the Cretans, then my mother would chide him, and he would be forced to explain. They are not Greeks, but they’re the people that ride in the short bus.

  11. DizzyedUpGirl says:

    That one guy is a cheater!! He’s using his legs!! I was always appalled at that.

  12. saugagirl83 says:

    Oh wow! I had completely forgotten about this clip! I’m glad that Sesame Street includes disabled people so that ALL children can feel included.

  13. Paulywint says:

    You are close but no cookie, this was from 1980, which the year this was brodcasted on Sesame Street. I Remember watching this.

  14. edwthompson313 says:

    This was in 1983 right?
    I think I may have been there too, I had a cousin who was in the NY special olympic games in 1983.

  15. maninwhitedress says:

    I didn’t know the special olympics was old. enlighten souls dancing and prancing says that woman from all in the house

  16. cannonballsax says:

    I also have Asperger’s Syndrome, and I’m kind of proud of it in some ways. It’s not a disability or a mental illness — it’s just a diversity in social adaptation and brain wiring. :)

  17. treadley says:

    why sad? I think it’s great that people were celebrating the events won here…despite limitations. one of my favorites!

  18. tod4533 says:

    sally struthers made this! Really wonderful clip!

  19. zacandtaylorrule says:

    This is so wonderful. I totally forgot Sally Struthers was in this. She looks so young and skinny. This had to be in the sevenities.

  20. garrettsambo7 says:

    This is sad!

  21. tesubcalle says:

    Oh wow, I remember this one, too! Thanks for posting it. Such memories.

  22. tyrese3745 says:

    You betcha! Miss Gloria Stivic herself. The “All In The Family” starlet congratulate the winner.

  23. cjdunn says:

    That was one thing I loved about the classic Sesame Street. No matter what stature you are in life, disabled or not, or whatever color you may be we are all the same people on the inside. Thanks for posting this video it’s been ages since I saw it last.

  24. dogdoo4brains says:

    I may be blind, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when PPL label me as “Special”. I can function in society just like sighted PPL do. I’m just speaking my point of view on general principles. I am not pointing fingers at anyone.

  25. ap2152002 says:

    I remember this too love Joe’s music in this clip and yep that was Sally at the finish line i’m glad SS did this and how special are those handicappers they’re truly special people.

    Thanks for bringing this one back.

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