Shah Rukh Khan [SRK] οח “Friday Night Wіtһ Jonathan Ross”. Shah Rukh іѕ talking аbουt һіѕ חеw movie “Mу Name іѕ Khan”, directed bу Karan Johar, іח wһісһ һе stars аѕ Rizwan Khan, (alongside Kajol) a man wіtһ Aspergers [a form οf Autism] wһο goes οח a mission tο meet tһе president οf tһе United States.

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25 Responses to “Shah Rukh Khan With Jonathan Ross – BBC – 2 of 2”
  1. kinglynx says:

    he reminds me of JD from scrubs haha

  2. NealBainz says:

    SRK is awesome!

  3. mramo says:

    confuse the shit out of them??? haha – so true & so funny.

  4. meshbis says:

    Shah Rukh is the best! Charming he is. The sweetest and most humble actor in the whole world.

  5. SuperTgirl123 says:

    looooooove him!

  6. SuperTgirl123 says:

    @mrjeffrhodes oh fuck off

  7. mrjeffrhodes says:

    HE SUCKS…..

  8. kallanyadav says:

    shah rukh khan sounds so dumb as he is

  9. thugbulletproof says:

    watch my name is khan film

  10. HelpForPS3 says:


  11. YawAdib says:

    shahrukh khan is my favourite

  12. schristiansen123able says:

    ahah lol we confues the shit out of them XD

  13. pakidreamer says:

    @derdriui u are a twat maggot i can say any thing i want to ? some of your point are valid but pakistan policy was wrong dont blame me who are you to defend pak land ? terrorist were helped by i s i n goverment of pak they are paying price for there policy u cant me for any of that ????

  14. pakidreamer says:

    @derdriui u cant face the facts ok america used pakistanis to fight there war in afghanistan after the war pakistan used the so called fighters to fight there war with india to gain kashmir ?it is not my fault when all terrotist are given safe haven in pak with blessing of the goverment of pak ????? the world has declared pakistan terror country ?they had a choice to throw the fighters???

  15. derdriui says:

    @pakidreamer That is established fact, look it up anywhere. The Mujahadeen were also funded by the USA, which is where Osama bin Laden was trained. The Mujahadeen were compared to the founding fathers of the US by Reagan.

    Stop stirring fear.

  16. derdriui says:

    @pakidreamer Don’t say mad things about Pakistan, you bizarre twat. And no, I’m not Pakistani.

    Their country is being bombed and has been exploited by totalitarian governments funded by American money. They gave the money to Zia to start the extremist jihadi schools.

  17. ports0339 says:

    @udeni1973…like most of the south asian

  18. amritaraoisthebest says:

    krissh he is an indian super hero

  19. pakidreamer says:

    ….cont, but when ross asks him about the ipl incident, he could not even have the guts to tell the truth why the incident occured, he real reason he could not say why this incident occured is because he was praising pakistan and he would end up looking like a fool but he does not realize he is already a fool, everytime he opens his mouth he is backtracking and contradicting himself.

  20. pakidreamer says:

    in this interview srk says that his character is going to see the american president saying that all muslims are not terrorists, the problem is at the same time he is praising pakistan where most terrorists are hiding with the blessing of the pakistani government, srk cannot change the mindset of muslims? the recent ipl incident where he says “pakistani players are the best in the world, they are fantastic and he would employ them anytime”…..

  21. SuperIsabella20 says:

    great intrw, well done

  22. rez121 says:

    udeni i thort u may b a lil clever working at the airport, but i was wrong! he was joking but dnt u let it get u down…stick at wot ur doing…n get me a printout!! weirdo!

  23. k4ur13 says:

    wanted to goo..!! but wkd interview..looks stunning

  24. MsJerry786 says:

    lmaooo where’s my autographed printout!?!?!?!?!!

  25. desolator108 says:

    truly great guy and a great interview.

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