www.indigoworld.com.au wουƖԁ Ɩіkе tο introduce аח аmаᴢіחɡ ѕtοrу. Sometimes autistic people ѕһοw аmаᴢіחɡ abilities. Iѕ tһіѕ sign аחԁ symptoms οf Autism? Tһіѕ autistic gentleman shows аmаᴢіחɡ ability tο memorize tһе sean very accurately.

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25 Responses to “Sign and Symptoms of Autism – Photographic Memory”
  1. julyman008 says:

    @hhhstar my son draw bacteria, cell , brain, anatomy of human so good , he also can name any parts too, since he study in the medicine books. the back of his tests and his books are full. my son is almost 8, when he was 3 he use to draw pre-historic fishes .i guess every aspie child have a gift.

  2. gasmbay says:

    if the autistic person can find his ability and feel comfortable with it they are able to hyperfocus on that one ability with tremendous skill!! so amazing! the evolution of brain.. however, our bodies are being ignored :P

  3. hhhstar says:

    Do autistic people tend to draw really well like that too?

  4. seriall1337 says:

    @rossideen you really do not want that kind of memory

  5. luckylace222 says:

    Photographic memory is not limited to autistic individuals. Normal humans with no noticeable mental deficiencies can have eidetic/photographic memory.

    Also, one cannot assume that those with photographic memory are born with the ability with not have to practice to remember something photographically. Those with autism might actually have to play the picture in their heads a couple times while soaking in other scatters of information. They are not memorizing computers, nor are they robots.

  6. lolliholic256 says:

    If i had this kind of memory, i don’t even need to study for exams and memorize any formulas..

  7. NinjaChampionKO says:

    I concur..

  8. mago1094 says:


    Well then you should know that practice is not required to get a photographic memory.

  9. NinjaChampionKO says:

    I have a form of Autism too so don’t be condescending to me when talking about something that I have…….

  10. mago1094 says:


    He doesn´t have to practice anything.
    He is an autist and autists memorize everything, even the not important things.He is born with it and he doesn´t have to practice it.People who are not autists can´t get a photographic memory.

  11. JohnRichard1991 says:

    I don’t care what society thinks, Autism is cool.

  12. VashTheStampede777 says:

    this is insane

  13. iSpeed09 says:

    holy sh&t. that’s the most incredible story i’ve ever seen/heard. GO STEVEN!!! :)

  14. Riderazor94 says:


  15. LuckyStarParody says:


  16. jjdrummer108 says:

    it doesnt take much training man. these guys are called savants for a reason.

  17. bobbylou122 says:

    I’ll probably remember a cat walking across the street. FML.

  18. NinjaChampionKO says:

    I bet it took him a lot of training and practice to be able to do all of that…
    Even if someone is gifted they would still have to find their strong points and work on them into skills that would be of their advantage……
    Great work this guys does it’s almost magic…

  19. SK8RBUG100 says:

    That is absolutely astonishing! The amount of detail he put into the buildings is insane – I doubt an artist could have done it half as well if they were staring at it for days!

  20. rossideen says:

    i wish i had that kind of memory

  21. rossideen says:

    i wish i had that kind of memory

  22. alexaabcdefg says:

    That’s amazing. Go Steven!

  23. animalgal808 says:


  24. 100287481 says:

    Just shows the POTENTIAL that we ALL possess. We just have to figure out how to express it!!

  25. Teeshurt says:

    aww it’s so cute how proud he is of it :)

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