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25 Responses to “Silenced Witnesses”
  1. jenniferbhala says:

    hansenschoice-greenhealth These oils have helped others with autism and most likely will help you. They are powerful. They have given me back my life after a car accident.

  2. mjr256 says:

    Ok, found the insert you’re referring to, the 1 that READS: “The cells, virus pools, and fetal bovine serum are all screened for the absence of adventitious agents.” & of course since you in fact have no evidence that it’s harmful, you think you can just shift the burden of proof w/ an argument from ignorance, saying “we do not know what is in FBS we cannot tell what (in a positive or negative result).” In other words, your dog ate your homework & your claim is pure evidence-free speculation.

  3. mjr256 says:

    Further, my statement that every reputable health organization on Earth supports vaccination is anything but an exaggeration. It’s a fact. If you disagree, point me to a reputable health org that doesn’t. & no, Generation Rescue, NaturalNews & the NVIC are not reputable health orgs.

    & I did answer your question. I said that like you, I’m not a working professional in a relevant field. This is why I don’t offer my own opinions & stick to that of the consensus of experts.

  4. mjr256 says:

    Of course you’re not the only one suspecting me of being a big pharma shill. McCarthyism is the only tactic anti-vaxxers have & they use it EVERY SINGLE TIME any1 disagrees w/ their thoroughly debunked claims. The fact that you can find a few fringe nuts who happen to have “Dr.” in front of their name that reinforce your ideology is not a valid argument. One can find “doctors” who believe the world is flat & that tobacco doesn’t cause cancer. So what? Where’s the evidence?

  5. fluffycatluv says:

    “M-M-R II has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility, Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with M-M-R II. It is also not known whether M-M-R II can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity.;” Merck and Co March 2010

  6. fluffycatluv says:

    @mjr256 I got that information (on ingredients) DIRECTLY from the manufacturer. Merck and Co. MMR leaflet (for doctors) last updated March 2010….. Regarding it just ‘sounding gross’ it is much more serious than that. As we do not know what is in FBS we cannot tell what (in a positive or negative result) was the precise benefit of the process or the material used. Or was it due to FBS? Ethical questions have also been raised regards the blood collection process of FBS.

  7. fluffycatluv says:

    @mjr256 to simplify it for you-not all cases are the same . it is a very diverse group of people . we do know that there is a genetic component – Fragile-X, for example. We also know that many children have mitochondrial dysfunction. And…, many children are “immunocompromised” or “vulnerable” and, in some cases, the vaccines were the “straw that broke the camels back”. So, regardless, we know that vaccines are not the only cause. We’re still looking for answers . toxins come in many forms.

  8. fluffycatluv says:

    @mjr256 you never answered the question. You asked how I was qualified to have such an opinion. I told you my experience. I asked you the same. You never answered. Your statement about this being the “medical consensus” is again highly exaggerated as I can name a good few EXPERTS (one in particular I worked with and has 34 yrs in the medical field- licensed to practice in 3 different states and whom travels the world, published papers as an expert on this issue) who would disagree with you.

  9. fluffycatluv says:

    @mjr256 I have done a bit of poking around and it seems to me that I am not the only one of suspecting you of being a big pharma shill. There are other internationally recognised experts that share my view. All you have to do is look, so I think your claim about “every reputable health organization on Earth” is VERY exaggerated…. If you want a debate you really should go to a forum for that and not youtube!

  10. mjr256 says:

    I guess you think that every reputable health organization on Earth is not as informed on this subject as you because they all squarely disagree w/ you and I have done nothing but defend their position w/o asserting of my own claims at all. Again, as a non-expert, I’d consider such speaking out of school as perverse & arrogant as an amateur student w/ no professional experience working in the field declaring they know better than those who have spent decades researching the matter.

  11. mjr256 says:

    I think you’re confusing us. I have not presented my personal opinions, only the facts & consensus opinions of those most knowledgeable on the subject. I for one would consider it perverse & arrogant to simply assert my own medical opinions & insist they’re correct. It seems to be YOU who questions the honesty of any1 who doesn’t agree w/ your unsupported, fringe speculations. If the medical consensus discovered they were wrong tomorrow, I’d happily change my position accordingly.

  12. mjr256 says:

    One ingredient that is in fact not in the vaccine if you go to a legitimate source for your research instead of taking random websites at their word. I presented you w/ a link to the CDC’s ingredient list & your “ingredient” flat-out isn’t there. Nor would it necessarily matter if it were since protein is protein & superficial feelings that some ingredient sounds gross has no baring on whether its harmful or not.

  13. mjr256 says:

    No, the fact it’s in fact as frequent among the unvaccinated does. As does the fact that autism‘s 4 times more prevalent in boys than girls despite both getting the same vaccines on the same schedule; that if 1 identical twin has autism, the other twin has an 90% chance of also being autistic regardless of vaccination; that siblings of those w/ autism have a 50% chance of also being autistic regardless of vaccination & that NJ has 6 lowest vaccination in the U.S. but is #1 in ASD.

  14. fluffycatluv says:

    -DO YOU REMEMBER in CA NEWS, 1950: EXPERT MD’s said: Smoking does NOT
    cause cancer, according to Dr. Ian MacDonald and Dr. Henry Garland, who
    were contracted by the FDA to conduct a study on the effects of
    cigarette smoking. These two doctors have come to the conclusion that
    smoking is a… “harmless pastime” which is “unrelated to lung cancer.”
    Dr. MacDonald assures us, “A pack a day keeps the doctor away.” –

  15. fluffycatluv says:

    @mjr256 You are sadly mis-informed. There is definitely such an ingredient in the MMR. Certainly according to Merck and Co’s list of ingredients in the doctors leaflet for MMR which was issued Issued March 2010….. You can get that from their site directly.

  16. fluffycatluv says:

    @mjr256 ok since you like to question anyone’s honesty level who does not agree with you, I will answer you once; but refuse to get into a debate on youtube as this is not a forum nor the appropriate place. I am currently attenting a top university studying bio-ethics. I have also researched this issue since May 2007 and continue to do so. I assisted and researched in a high profile legal case (regarding this issue) based in the state of Fl from 2007-2010 (which was won). So how do YOU qualify?

  17. fluffycatluv says:

    @mjr256 I never suggested accepting everything you find on google. Lets put this into context since you like to take what I said out. I suggested googling an ingredient. One ingredient which if you google you will most likely find accurate info on. It is like somone suggesting to you to google strawberries and you saying that because it is off google that it is inacurrate info. Anyone with common sense would check their sources.

  18. fluffycatluv says:

    @mjr256 The fact that autism happens in non-vaccinated populations does not mean that it doesn’t come from enviromental toxins. and it isn’t “just as common” as you say it is significantly lower.

  19. fluffycatluv says:

    Who mentioned conspiracy theory? mrj. Not me. In Wakefields own words he described it not as that but “”It’s a ruthless pragmatic attempt to crush any investigation into valid vaccine safety concerns,” Wakefield said. Stop trying to throw terms out there that were never mentioned….

  20. mjr256 says:

    No thanks. I prefer to go to actual reputable sources than just Googling websites where anyone is free to say absolutely anything they want without having anyone fact-checking them. And as a matter of fact, no such ingredient is in the MMR. Try again.


  21. mjr256 says:

    Extensive research…do tell. What university did you get your education? What’s your degree & what’s it in? What is your field? How many years have you been a professional working in that field? Or is this “extensive scientific research” from Google University and involve simply parroting any garbage you happen to read from Age of Autism, Mercola, NaturalNews,, etc, etc? Cause if so, you can spend 80 years “researching” & only come out less informed than you started.

  22. mjr256 says:

    Yeah, apparently your claim is that every reputable health organization on planet Earth, every government on Earth & every media source that doesn’t agree with you are all part of the evil conspiracy. Tell me. How do the recent federal lawsuits against Tap, Allergen & Pfizer that forced these companies to pay out BILLIONS of dollars fit into your grand conspiracy theory? And for what? So the gov’t can continue paying billions of dollars for medical services these families require?

  23. mjr256 says:

    Further, not every “Dr.” is an expert in a relevant field. Feel free to cite current professional infectious disease doctors who support Mr. Wakefield’s fraudulent research & explain why you think an argument from authority, or rather from fringe authorities is more valid than actual empirical evidence? Tell me. If you find an “expert” who says tobacco is healthy, will that change the facts that it isn’t?

  24. mjr256 says:

    “Thimerosal (or mercury) IS harmful!”
    Prove it. This claim has failed in both the court of science and the court of law. And there are 2 types of mercury, ETHYLmercury & METHYLmercury. The latter is found in fish, bioaccumulates & can be dangerous in high doses. The former is in thimerosal, doesn’t bioaccumulate & is perfectly safe in the dosage used in vaccines. & there’s more “mercury” in a tuna sandwich than any vaccine.

  25. fluffycatluv says:

    @VACTRUTH YEP! you are correct, you can go straight to the manufacturers web site and get the DR’s (not patients- because they don’t want to tell you anything) leaflet for each vaccination. Its interesting reading indeed. Hey! Try some Fetal bovine serum too! mmmm, another lovely ingredient in the MMR. Google it, and tell me you want this injected into your kids! :O

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