Speaking Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (leading Authority οח Autism іח Adults) аt Gary McKinnon Press conference held аt Doughty street Chambers present οח tһе panel wеrе James Welch(tһе Legal Director οf Liberty), Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (Leading authority οח Autism іח Adults), Mаrk Lever (CEO National Autism Society) Karen Todner (Solicitor) Janis Sharp (Gary’s Mum), David Burrowes MP (Shadow Minister fοr Justice) Ben Cooper (Barrister) аחԁ οf course Gary McKinnon.

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10 Responses to “Simon Baron-Cohen at Press conference”
  1. sincerelyseattle says:

    Thank you Simon Baron-Cohen. My son was diagnosed presumptively at age 3 with AS, since confirmed, he is now a 6 year old. As his mom, my biggest fear is he may some day do something wrong, even criminal due to his naivete. This honest, insighful discussion was hope-inspiring.

  2. maggot432 says:

    going to see him do a presentation on a school trip

  3. OwilsonO says:

    no it IS his cousin

  4. kavkazip says:

    Its his brother

  5. clangergirl1969 says:

    Simon Baron-Cohen is awesome. I really hope that what he says will be seriously considered. I have Asperger’s syndrome and I know how easy it is to become fixated on something. We obsess until we have found the answer we’re looking for. Gary shouldn’t have done what he did but he’s harmless. I hope Obama will step in on this.

  6. sweetjemimer says:

    My son is AS, I would hate to think his obsessions would cause him this kind of stress. thankyou Dr Baron-Cohen for standing up for Gary

  7. Gaietty says:

    Simon Baron-Cohen is a really cool guy. After the lecture in Nottingham I had a looong chat with him and he was really nice :) x

  8. esteburrito says:

    this is borats cousin

  9. narcisissyistic says:

    I totally agree… I think Mckinnon should maybe get a fine but there’s no way he should be treated like a terrorist for what he did. I mean ok a lot of people in prison have a learning disability but unless they’ve committed a more serious crime like rape or murder or armed robbery the sentences should be more lenient as in Gary’s case.

  10. brianhowes390 says:

    Come on People support Gary, and that will protect others and maybe somebody you know in the future from extradition without a fair hearing, evidence, or trial.

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