/jp/ аחԁ /a/ dining wіtһ tһеіr waifus

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25 Responses to “So Ronery ;_;”
  1. sojiro856 says:

    Tsumugi is my waifu. :3

  2. sojiro856 says:

    @Armando51roosters Nah, some of us think strips clubs are blech. :3

  3. Armando51roosters says:

    well that’s what strip clubs are for.

  4. darkraichu55 says:

    I need a boyfriend who’s last name doesn’t end with .jpg

  5. rollonfloorlaughing says:

    he eats mahjong for breakfast, not dinner. :|

  6. theRealPlaidRabbit says:

    Totally NEET-o

  7. chairmobile says:

    I’ll settle for Hitler then

    1:59 sauce?

  8. douboymk2 says:

    everyone lets raid these boards wih guro!

    remember rules 1 and 2

  9. willemkz says:

    this is what you get when you go off /b/

  10. ClappingMao says:

    i masturbated to this video 4/5

  11. alanw3000 says:

    seriously, I think that Japan should be nuked a 3rd time !

  12. Tapirtoon33 says:

    Not sure if troll…!

  13. Nefyst says:

    So let me guess, single, almost 20, and has a loaded gun in his mouth.

  14. Akaoni21 says:

    sTALINS NOT MY WAIFU… hES ONE OF THE MANY sluts IN MY hAREM!! Mwahahahahahaha :P

  15. Sticky1254 says:


  16. kancerzx says:

    It’s primula from “Shuffle!”

  17. frvrN2dust says:

    @StelmariaonE7 ww

  18. MadThad0890 says:

    Kotonoha Katsura is mai waifu she loves me more then any 3D pig could ever do

  19. Kzierbold says:

    Stalin is mai waifu. <3

  20. thelinxswe says:

    love the stalin waifu

  21. PUROMEXICAN13 says:

    What is that anime or person at 1:31?

  22. hado123 says:


    so ronrey ;_;

  23. pointingsunglasses says:

    Oh look, there’s that forced japanese bird XD shit.

    Otherwise ;_;

  24. Asian1nvasi0n says:

    I did the same thing with Kallen ;A;

  25. unbanane says:

    truth ;_;

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