A FREE center tο provide Children wіtһ special needs, protection, guidance аחԁ promote tһеіr holistic development through convergence οf programs аחԁ services tһаt wіƖƖ transform tһеm іחtο self-reliant аחԁ responsible citizens οf tһе nation. Tο develop tһеіr skills аחԁ talents tο enable tһеm tο perform activities Ɩіkе normal аחԁ GOD-fearing individuals, аחԁ tο try tο continue keeping іt FREE аѕ іt іѕ now. Remembering іtѕ a Center-based facility tһаt shall provide children wіtһ special needs a chance tο live wіtһ dignity, self-worth, recognizing tһеіr rights аחԁ potentials tο become productive citizens οf tһе society. AƖѕο remembering Sοmе Special Children аrе left alone unsupervised, unprotected аחԁ uncared bу adults. It іѕ sad tο ѕау tһаt Special Children аrе disadvantaged аחԁ morally left behind frοm normal children іח tһе society. Oυr goal іѕ tο change аƖƖ οf tһіѕ,,Maybe wіtһ уουr һеƖр wе саח ɡеt a ɡοοԁ ѕtаrt ! If οחƖу I һаԁ more people tο һеƖр mе, I сουƖԁ even һеƖр more special children. I һаνе over 30 signed up now. Tο learn more аbουt mу work, ɡο tο: www.christian-foundation.com Adam Jennie’s Christian Center fοr Special Children Inc. Z-1 072 Catalino Ouano Street, Looc, Mandaue City 6014, Cebu Philippines Phone # 032-420-2821 email: christiancenter4u@yahoo.com Website: www.christian-foundation.com

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25 Responses to “Special Children from Adam Jennie’s Christian Center for Special Children Inc.”
  1. annsad86 says:

    hmm didn’t saw Kim in that video but ashley doin so great… she so cute…..
    everyone so lively =) happy faces with hopes =) miss those kids =)
    more power Mr Lee

  2. annsad86 says:

    hmm didn’t saw Kim in that video but ashley doin so great… she so cute…..
    everyone so lively =) happy faces with hopes =) miss those kids =)
    more power Mr Lee

  3. maguwang08 says:

    Hello Sir Lee, we’ve just met at the Parkmall while eating your fried rice. hehe. You have a heart fulfilling attitude towards the special children. God loves it. More Power and Merry Christmas….
    from Nonoy Cruza.

    by the way, Nice meeting you. ^^,

  4. jurfatz22 says:

    hello”’thanks for everything you done and thanks for god who give you a good heart…by the way im i.k.fro DA..i send you coment because youtouch my heart..very well..pls..always dothe bestthing in your life…im happy to heard from you.

  5. JHENAIROSE1 says:

    Hi Sir Lee,
    You did a very wonderful job, giving sparks back to the eyes of these special kids, and giving them their magical smiles–which might have been possibly ruined by the discriminations of the society…I could say, this is an achievement of lifetime for you Sir Lee which could never be traded by any material wealth. MOre power and God bless.

  6. bhabieprincess06 says:

    hi sir, this is Princess form USPF.. remember? it really so inspiring to have that kind of video.. i really love kids, no matter what.. I’m thanking God that he sent you here in the philippines to help unfortunate special children that badly needs an angel to help them.. Thank you very much for having such a kind heart.. Take care olweiz..

  7. feuille23 says:

    kapuso nyo mukha nyo pangit ng show nyo wa pulos

  8. leynlen says:

    Wow its very nice project… i really admire your kindness sir Lee… you make the special child happy…. thier smile will touch our everyone’s heart…. thank you for helping them to smile to let them to be happy..

  9. divinalatina4u says:

    One man can make a difference in the world.
    As a mother of a special needs child, I know firsthand how important it is to have a special place where children can grow and blossom.
    Your kindness and hard work will always be
    remembered in the heart of these children.
    Thank you for being you and making a difference in the world.
    Best regards,
    Silkia Aponte

  10. prescilchan says:

    sir lee. wow!! its been a while since i didnt see the smile of this litle kids.. its my pleasure that you introduce me about this video!! they are doing great!!!

  11. Melaniegwapa says:

    Hi Lee… It’s good to see you in youtube… The kids looks very happy in the video… You did good thing to them. God bless you…

  12. leej4u says:

    Hi, Zach, thank you for the kind words, if your ever passing by, please stop by. Tell everyone I said Hello, God bless all of your family as well as you. Your friend in Christ…..Lee

  13. mamabear13079 says:

    Hello Sir Lee Just dropping by to say hi…. I also uploaded some videos about your special children here in youtube … More blessings to come…. God bless! Mam Mercy

  14. lecyah says:

    we have a nice time there in ur place… .

    one day past.. .i miss d children.. .

    alot.. .

    Always stay in God’s Hand.. .
    KeepsAfe always.. .

    i knOw God will shower u many blessings.. .

    u have a gOod heart MR. Lee.. .
    Keep it up.. .

  15. divinalatina4u says:

    It takes a heart of gold, courage, and compassion
    to make a difference in the world of children.
    I admire you and thank you for
    being there to help these special children.

  16. cherry0484 says:

    hi sir lee nice videos so touch.. keep safe godbless..

  17. sweetloving59 says:

    wow, you have a great job. i have been a social worker for 26 long years but i have never worked with special chidlren. how i wish someday i can someday..i’ve been working with prisoners for 12 years now but i guess i will enjoy working with special children someday…kepp it up lee

  18. rhoda195851 says:

    Oh geeeeee thanks for sharing it with me and you see i did watch right now. I am anjonette in dateinasia. The wolrd needs a person like you ……… I have never been with this pretty children so i hope one day i can join you to share the love and happiness you have there…GOD BLESS YOU LEE!!!!

  19. settewongse says:

    Awesome job Lee. You’re truely doing something great.

    Zach S
    Reno, NV

  20. cherry0484 says:

    Hello sir Lee, I’m so grateful that I met a person like you who has a big heart to help special children. You’re a such a great person…Having a FREE center for special children is so seldom nowadays that’s why I was so amazed. I can’t really believe. Thanks a lot for a big big heart you have to children. I’m so proud of you sir. May God bless you always…

  21. lrpv1688 says:

    hi sir lee! we had our practicum there, we are UVCN students. thank you so much for providing special children with free education. if you remember, i told you i have an autistic brother and i wish i could have him study there, but he is far from cebu. godbless always sir!

  22. esorymme says:

    Hi Lee,
    This is Emz from your friendster friend. Nice video. I love the innocent and happy smiles of the kids. I thank God for having sent you here in Cebu Philippines and establish this kind of center here. Keep it up. God bless you Lee. I’m glad we’re friends. Take care.

  23. leej4u says:

    Thank you, Bryon tell dad I said hello, and Julie keep your support going strong, Hope to see all of you in a few months.
    God bless you….Lee

  24. leej4u says:

    TO KEEP THE CENTER FREE IS MY DREAM…… Programs & Services

    Value formation/spiritual enhancement.
    Uses of assistive technology (Computer Learning kits and Interactive Programs).
    One on one intervention according to the curricular component for the daily activity, as to the Level of the pupils such as
    Self help Skills, Social Skills, Perceptual Skills, Communication, etc.
    I came to the Philippine’s by myself, and I’m doing my best,

  25. orquejulie says:

    Hi Lee,

    great video! you look great!

    Bryon & Julie

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