Gundi Shaw, Special Needs teacher οf tһе year. Tһе child іח tһе movie іѕ mу son! аחԁ I аm very proud οf Mrs Shaw аחԁ tһе work ѕһе ԁοеѕ wіtһ mу boy. I cant tһіחk οf аחу one more wonderful tο һеƖр mе raise mу child.

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4 Responses to “Special Needs Teacher of the year UK 2007”
  1. sweetjemimer says:


    I totally understand, believe me it wasnt easy getting colin there in the first place, took three years of fighting to get him in the right placement getting the hep he needed, by by golly its worth it.

    Dont give up, your Zain needs you to be strong for him,

    any help or advice I can give, or even just a chat, PM me! happy to talk!

  2. mattmashup says:

    Sorry it’s taken so long to reply but you know how life takes over sometimes. You must be so proud of Colin, he is so articulate and engaging and I pray that my Zain will one day start reaching his ongoing potential too. We are currently taking Hackney LEA to tribunal and life is so stressful but your posting of Ms Shaw and Colin gives me hope and bloodymindedness to get what my son needs and should be entitled to anyway. Sorry to ramble, and thanks.


  3. sweetjemimer says:

    Thankyou- Mrs Shaw- IS a amazingly kind, warm hearted and caring person. I wish we could clone her to help more children like colin.

  4. MrDan1985 says:

    It takes an amazingly kind, warm hearted and caring person to do that job. Congratualtions to that woman, and everyone else in her shoes!

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