watch tһе spergemeister sperge recorded bу jlsoft

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19 Responses to “Spergin’”
  1. qaihou says:

    The fat dude in the middle at the beginning reminds me of my grandma.

  2. AliBabaDosRios says:

    Many Septemfther Elevenths yesttsth

  3. GizmoGardenia says:


  4. SpamNapkin says:

    I don’t know why but he reminds me of Emo Phillips

  5. TheWolfMan1941 says:

    hmmmm, sorry, No. That’s not in my belief system. But don’t worry, I’m sure all your 72 virgins will be men, so at least you have that to look forward to!

  6. TheWolfMan1941 says:

    Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhh, just keep telling yourself that, and I’m sure it’ll come true….

  7. TheWolfMan1941 says:

    Naw, I’m on a strict diet of noobs-like-you, so I’m quite healthy and fit. On top of that, I don’t play WoW. At all. And rarely do I eat tacos.

    Besides, if all the asspies would TRY turning their lives around and learning how to fit into society, instead of coasting by on their disability and throwing pity-parties masquerading as aspie pride parties, I really would have nothing to troll, would I?

  8. tagaEskinita says:

    is the female a sperg too?

  9. TheWolfMan1941 says:

    Where, oh where to begin on your comment? I’m guessing you’ve never gotten laid, either, because otherwise you wouldn’t be on here commenting. You’d actually be getting laid.

    So who’s the hypocrite now, permavirgin?

  10. doubtingED says:

    What the Hell, Nerd overload! Beam me up Paxil…..I’m mean Scotty!

  11. TheWolfMan1941 says:


  12. dtnyc5000 says:

    You’re one caring individual, aren’t you.

  13. arfuswrinkledinks says:

    there is a 12,000,000 IQ total in this room

  14. MrNobodysPinealGland says:

    Oh, aspies, you silly silly retards.

  15. TheWolfMan1941 says:

    Aspergers; Nature’s way of saying “DO NOT WANT”.

    Fucking Ass-pies.

  16. alexmovies says:

    this is just amazing

  17. PJOR67 says:

    ew lol

  18. jcfynx says:


  19. Brainstrain says:

    He’s like Charley Gordon without the likeability.

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