A חеw study shows tһаt more tһаח 1 percent οf children һаνе Autism, more tһаח previously reported. Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports.

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9 Responses to “Study: Autism More Prevalent”
  1. TShirtBlitzCo says:

    1 in 91 is startling we must raise more awareness of this disorder. Go to Zazzle and find out how you can show your support.

  2. mikeosaki says:

    No vaccines do cause autism.

  3. myndawn says:

    Vaccines DON’T cause autism. Reputable studies out there prove that, but the media won’t buy it. The number of cases would be going done if it was vaccines causing it because mercury, etc. has been taken out of all vaccines, but still new cases are being diagnosed all the time.

  4. st4ticblu3 says:

    HPV vaccine cause autism.

  5. dconrad000 says:

    Go to my channel and see a recent, extremely hard hitting interview on the absolute fraud and danger of vaccines — and about a simple tool to viralize the truth about vaccines. The more people that know the truth, the harder it will be to force these vaccines on those of us that would rather put our trust in God, eating right, our own immune systems, natural remedies, faith & prayer — rather than on Big Pharma and their veritable witches brews.

  6. WeCanAllGetAllong says:

    Because vaccine cause a wide spectrum of problems.

    ITs big pharma,and all part of the depopulation plan!

    ITs eugenics on a mass scale,please be advised!

    See georgia guide stones for a summery of thier sickness thats infecting the entire world!

  7. TheDognamedblue says:

    actually I’m inclined to agree
    autism‘ is a name given to cover the side effects of poison laden vaccines
    squalene adjuvants
    aborted fetal tissue
    etc etc
    it all adds up to a ‘compound’ that poisons the human system, especially in the child
    which is possibly a wanted ‘side effect’ to dumb down the population, as has been stated by Kissinger ‘I want a population of workers, not of thinkers’

  8. coolwise1 says:

    CBS fails to report on why the numbers of autism has risen. Hmmm…no answers to that one.

  9. SubZer00100 says:

    We all know it’s from the increased usage of vaccines containing Mercury. Observe how Mercury effects any brain matter in any other environment: It litterally eats the neurons and synaptic connectors and prevents brain cells from binding together.

    Vaccines are the most health impairing thing out there, you’d better educate yourself about all the diseases the bring on before you shoot yourself or any loved ones up.

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