Superbrain yoga аח easy exercise THAT TAKES 1 TO 3 MINUTES tha t exercises tһе brain . Bу using accuppressure points οח tһе earlobe іח a cross hand tecnique Tһіѕ tecniques wһісһ Arnold Stephanie demostrate wһіƖе Dorinda hold tһе posture fοr visual explanation

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24 Responses to “Superbrain Yoga has shown according to CBS report helps improve autism asberger and alzheimer”
  1. ravenoptima1 says:

    You are also not addressing the proper breath pattern that goes with it!

  2. nat0576 says:

    Esa NO!!!!!!! es la forma correcta de hacer “Super brain Yoga”…1)El brazo derecho va por encima del izquierdo…2) no se puede hablar por que la lengua debe estar pegada la paladar en todo momento.3) Se inspira cuando se baja y se expira cuando se sube. Hay que inspirar y expirar en forma sincronizada….

  3. spaspace1 says:

    @PalmHealing is absolutely right! This video is appalling as it is totally incorrect. The guy demonstrating is clueless and appears it might be just a ploy to sell his colloidal silver as they have added a website linking to a colloidal website on the instruction sheet the woman is holding. See Oprah Winfreys report on the dangers of colloidal silver. Google please remove this video asap! He cant even spell the word ‘aspergers‘ correctly.

  4. firuinthehouse says:

    @PalmHealing Good to know, perhaps you could upload the correct form yourself ?

    And some Pranic Healing stuff as well ? People are getting more interested in these things by the day. Share brother, share the knowledge :)

  5. PalmHealing says:

    Oh my! As a humble student of Master Choa Kok Sui, who developed SuperBrain Yoga, I feel I must make a comment: This is being done incorrectly! Everyone’s arms are reversed! The right arm is suppose to be over the left arm! (Also, the people are “bowing” instead of doing the correct squatting form). I do hope that this video will be pulled and reshot correctly so no more people see this being done incorrectly. Namaste.

  6. tanut007 says:

    Well done, this exercise has helped many people. The exercise has to done properly and please incorporate breathing with it. Breathe in as you down and out when come up. Finally, wear loose clothing. You could not do go all the down because you was wearing Jeans, which restricts your movements.

  7. TerrawindX2 says:

    In most Southeast Asian countries, this is actually used as a humiliating punishment for students who misbehaved or didn’t do their homework. Never did they suspect this was actually good for them.

  8. vancvrboy says:

    these guys are just making fun of this exercise.
    exercise is basically inhaling and exhaling of breath
    that energige your brain cells through breath
    every person knows one fact of breath——– no breath —- no life
    concentrate on inhaling and exhaling and believe this exercise
    and see the diffrence

  9. Vedantka says:

    @Whyisthat101 It will but not that effectively so it may take long time to see results or they will be not that great.The best way to know it is by trying it,the true knowledge is always experiential not merely intellectual.

  10. Whyisthat101 says:

    @Vedantka So will this exercise work without facing the direction?

  11. Vedantka says:

    @Whyisthat101 East and North directions are two spiritual centers for energy.So by facing these directions you align your energy channels(nadis in Sanskrit or meridians in Chinese) with this source.

  12. Whyisthat101 says:

    @Vedantka Why must the person face north or east?

  13. Vedantka says:

    @kevin604bc Yes, you are right! It is actually essential that the right hand is on top.While squatting you should face north or east.The number of squats for one set is 21.Inhale squatting down, exhale, coming up.

  14. Bladerunner55217 says:

    your suppost to laygh until you pass out lol… yeah breath but laughing is very good for you to .. i will be duing it with breathing in and out when I am alone but with friends i will laugh until I pass out lol..

  15. veganpowernow says:

    Great n useful Vid guys.Doing a Health n Wellbeing talk tomo at the Birmingham U.K Vege fayre,def going to recomend the brain yoga n rebounding to the good folks there.Have a great w-end!.Blessings.X

  16. kevin604bc says:

    Also right hand is supposed to be in front.

  17. kevin604bc says:

    Your supposed to inhale going down and exhale coming up according to the super brain yoga instructors.

  18. Megabites646 says:

    I love you guys! This video is hilarious. Joey just did this exercise. Burns in your thighs.

  19. chilel111 says:

    Thanks for the vid. I checked out some other vids regarding this and I think the left arm goes first. I don’t know if that matters. Anyway, this morning I woke up all groggy and with a headache and I remembered to do this. My headache went away just like that. Thanks again for posting. Oh, on some of the others vids it explains the proper way to breath when doing it and I thought that was very important for myself. Cheers.

  20. BasicHerb says:

    Thanks! I will try this with my son..he has autism.

  21. Necrowitch says:

    lol!!! That’s got to be one of the funniest looking exercises! =^-^= not sure I could do it with a sprained ankle though. doesn’t mean I won’t try though!

  22. tyana1980 says:

    You shoulf have talked about it before, you are so out of breath, it is kinda cute and funny.

  23. brahmamurti says:

    Great!!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  24. stripeyteacups says:

    Do you have your feet flat on the ground or on tip toes? and do you squeeze your ears hard? Wonderful info, thanks again Arnold!!

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