A bit οf a rерƖу tο drpoodle’s Talk Abουt tourettes video.

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25 Responses to “Talk about Aspergers Syndrome”
  1. EpistemologyWhiz16 says:

    Good video. You have a lot of the traits that my friend with this condition also has, like what you mentioned about the voice fluctuations.

  2. milascave says:

    People who go public about theire neurological conditions are very brave. You can disagree with what they say, but if you attack them personaly for some small matter with which you disagree, that says something not very nice about you. This is what makes the internet a far less useful tool than it could be.

  3. morpheus1x says:

    and your saying a belt was fair? my son was belted and thrown out of school before he was diagnosed. it took a better school that wasn’t narrow minded, ignorant, and had diagnosis and special programs. I feel it is owed to him because i pay taxes and support my country so they owe me. i wasn’t as fortunate and suffered. but he is one of the best performing students in his school now and it only took a LITTLE understanding and encouragement. we dont think anyone owes us anything except respect.

  4. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    LOL says the man with a brain as small as his IQ by the sounds of it

  5. apostropheYes says:

    Yep. There’s the that tell-tale AS trait of seeing the world in stark black and white. I’d tell you to ease up, but that would be futile since, neurologically, you cannot.

  6. Thanos700 says:

    yeah i dunno its all good im bored its fun talkin shit on youtube

  7. tifjackson says:

    I’m a girl, and I think you’re replying to the wrong comment because I have NO idea what you are talking about, lol. l8tr.

  8. Thanos700 says:

    shut up guy. your arrogance is manifested by how you admonish other people on the internet its prolly your problem.

  9. tifjackson says:

    I love how some people actually make a hobby out of the things that “afflict” them or make them “different”. Get out. Hang out with people. I have was diagnosed with aspergers last fall for a few weeks I was all “woe is me” but found hobbies like snowboarding. If you make a culture out how different you, people are always gonna view you as weird losers. You’re, in fact, making Asperger’s your tell-tale narrow interest that is associated with the disorder.

  10. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Craig is a silly little pleb everyone that writes comments on others vids in the negative to boost his already flagging rep and attitude. If he is AS he is everything i hate about the new generation of Aspies that think the world owes them a living and that they can say what they want without any fear of reprisals due to them flashing the Autism Card. I can say all this as I am a First Generation Aspie and i was brought up with NTs and if I was out of line and rude I got a belt for it.

  11. craigzwicker says:

    I like this video.

  12. KoyasuNoBara says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of the double-speak thing. When you say you repeat it, do mean right after or shortly after, or has it ever occurred hours after the conversation was over?

  13. jerbar120 says:

    hay i got a video and its simler to yours its cold video ad go to my user name were you see video were it says life of the specl needs video ad part 1 if you look in that video its very comming

  14. TheFamousButter says:

    omg. thank you for putting this up. if i didnt find this i wouldnt have found out about it. i think i have this too i need to go check it ot. omg.

  15. shazam20007 says:

    I have always been at arms length to other people; I invariably tread on the others psychological toes an have lost nearly all my friends by blurting out tactless things right at the wrong moment no malice intended; by and by I acquired better social skills but I am basically not interested in other folk – to me their goals and interests seem pointless; it is as if I am half in another dimension; I just saw a movies called mirrrors, the last scene is how I feel amongst other folk :(

  16. Myasina says:

    anyone else doing doublespeak.

  17. Myasina says:

    I did it until I was eleven or twelve I think… my little brothers and cousins had started teasing me relentlessly about it and I had to try very hard to control it. I still catch myself sometimes, but it’s significantly better than it was. I’ve not been diagnosed aspie, but I’m considering asking to see a doctor about the possibility. I’ve been doing some internet research and most of it was all too familiar to me. I was very surprised when I saw this video because I’ve never heard of ..

  18. MaddestOfThemAll says:

    All kids tend to do the whispering thing. It’s perfectly normal. It’s the brain’s way of telling us that we need to remember something. The whispering thing starts being seen as abnormal when we don’t grow out of it. Most aspies never do. With some work, we can internalize some of the doublespeak, but it’s not easy.

  19. Myasina says:

    I did the whispering thing where I repeated what I just said immediately after I said it when I was a kid, too. It used to freak people out… and I don’t know how it started or anything so it really bugged me and it was hard to break the habit. It’s kinda cool to hear that I’m not the only one who did. XD

  20. amievery1 says:

    Sorry. Wrong person

  21. MondoBeno says:


  22. amievery1 says:

    Its titled: Talk about Aspergers Syndrome

  23. MondoBeno says:

    Which video?

  24. amievery1 says:

    Are you the girl in the video?

  25. amievery1 says:

    In honesty, I think she speaks very well. Her pronunciations are very good. I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I don’t intend to boast but people who have this condition are more intelligent than the average person. I do not like to juxtapose an average person with a person of a condition like this because, as humans, we should be treated equally. Give her a chance. It’s not a disability as most people think. Its a neurobiological condition

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