Taylor һаѕ autism аחԁ sensory integration disorder.Sһе саחחοt stand prolonged noises Ɩіkе tһе bells tһаt ɡο οff аt fаѕt food restaurants.Sһе wаѕ headed fοr a melt down аחԁ wе һаԁ tο leave,Luckily wе wеrе fіחіѕһеԁ eating tһіѕ time!

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7 Responses to “Taylor sensory”
  1. SCordeliaB says:


    i know i fee bad for her :(

  2. Luindriel says:

    She’s adorable!
    My son covered his ears and cried too at that age. Now he’s 5 and can tell us when a sound is too loud, although sometimes he does still cover his ears and lose control a little. Firetrucks blowing their horns during parades were a nightmare for us – the other kids are always asking them to blow the horn and my kid would cry hysterically. Hang in there!!

  3. PinecrestRailroad says:

    How cruel.

  4. sycomamie85 says:

    my SPD child would scream and cry if he heard that. smoke alarms are the worst. he’s 4 and his 2 little brothers just look around for the noise, or ignore it, but he screams bloody murder, grabs his ears, cries and tells me to make it stop.

  5. ismerioclan says:

    She looks bored and ready to go. That noise would piss of any child normal or not, so would her family staring at her. If I stare at my 2 year old, strapped into a high chair, with a high pitch noise, he probably would react the same way. I am inspired, I will send you a video soon, and we will see how a “normal” child will be in that situation! She is very cute, by the way!

  6. laurenmhs says:

    Poor thing.
    My sisters boy has autism as well.
    He doesnt react to noises very well either.
    He will hold his ears, jump up and down and scream as this child does.
    He also doesnt like being confiened (such as in a chair)
    wish you the best

  7. magicalmiriam says:

    Poor little darling, I can totaly relate to this

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