Moving piece аbουt one mother’s journey tο treat һеr son wіtһ Autism. Sһе ѕtаrtеԁ a company, Watch Mе Learn, tο share һеr videos. Very inspirational! Aѕ seen οח tһе Glenn Beck Sһοw οח CNN. Hеr teaching videos аrе now used іח schools аחԁ therapy centers. Tһеу reference tһе ABLLS-R assessment wһісһ іѕ used tο evaluate functioning levels οf kids wіtһ autism. A parent саח really mаkе a ԁіffеrеחсе. visit

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21 Responses to “Teaching social skills to kids with autism and aspergers–used in schools, homes and therapy centers”
  1. 11pouncey11 says:

    i knew those fuckers were lying!

  2. Lavinco says:

    @AniramSB The reporter has an Autistic child.

  3. TheCaffman says:

    I have heard several repected emperical Psychologists state that Autism rates are stable & have not been increasing.

  4. WilmerDow says:

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  5. DoloresTripp says:

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  6. Dreamspell333 says:

    Great Video. Im not sure if my son who is almost 2 1/2 is on the spectrum or not but at 15-16 months he started having severe meltdowns(headbutting,fist clenching) ,especially when it came to voicing himself and did not do well with transitioning at all.. He is now in OT play therapy sessions every other week (was every week) and has improved soo much.

  7. Yetti0 says:

    I am on the spectrum and I am 57. Movieis and videos are like real life to me. I am very sensitive to what I watch.. Many aspies and auties cannot separate films from reality. Films help us understand reality

  8. Yetti0 says:

    We need more parents like this. Instead of having fund raising by Autism speaks at Playboy mansion for millions to stop aspies, they should learn how to teach aspies and auties.

  9. geraldinemorrow says:

    Check out Alex Juno, a gifted pianist, parts one and two, talking positively about his Asperger Diagnosis

  10. AniramSB says:

    the reporter is clueless about autism

  11. 11pouncey11 says:

    oh i have the same thing both

  12. JoelMatton says:

    I don’t think you can ever teach a child with aspergers or autism to communicate with other people the way an NT would. It is too complex, every new individual conversation includes new things that the child would not understand. There are all sorts of things going on in communication, especially body language, that a typical person won’t even notice, but will drive someone with high functioning autism or aspergers crazy. Something like moving your hands around while talking, for instance.

  13. 1beinki says:

    Great Video! Nice idea using videos to teach. My Autistic son is now 11 Our big breakthrough came with the gluten and casein free diet.

  14. praatgraag37 says:

    Wow super mom :D special child’s have often special moms.
    And thats a great thing to see cause when u look troug the “syndrome” or limitaton, you see a beutifull child (ore adult) but a lot of peple can’tsee that.

    so whats Autism a bad thing ? or just a way of living and being.

    Greetings from Holland
    Monica 20 (Autist + ADHD)

  15. betterkids says:

    I agree it is often the meaning of language that incites frustration/break down. People who’ve not experienced it first hand will never really understand the basic level at which instruction has to take place. You have to start simply and CONSISTENCY is paramount.

  16. duracin78 says:

    Omg!! My little brother acts the same exact way.But for him it took him until the age of four to actually pronounce words.

  17. Lordboogar says:

    Doesn’t always work. One of the problems with this is that (at least in my case) intuitive learning does not happen; especially in cases of an emotional context.

    Understanding what people are saying is not a problem; understanding what they are MEANING is the difficulty. At some point the frustration with trying to understand the subtext leads to shutdown and a need to leave the situation.

  18. xiala1980 says:

    Yes, he’s high on the spectrum. I was thinking that perhaps by him seeing other kids communicating with each other, he can pick up on it.

  19. betterkids says:

    Video modeling does work for many children on the autism spectrum. I hope it works well for you. Is your son verbal?

  20. xiala1980 says:

    That gives me something else to try. Thanks to whoever uploaded this video. My son has autism and struggles with social interaction and communication.

  21. kevinfruet says:

    Video modelling really work.
    I’ve seeing my boy learn a lot from then.

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