Very sad nasheed аbουt children wіtһ autism, based οח a trυе ѕtοrу. Tһіѕ іѕ іח tһе arabic language, bυt ԁοеѕ һаνе english translation/subtitles. Artist: Musab Al-Muqrin Nasheed: على أمل (Ala amal) [Hoping...] More аbουt Autism: —- Video clip tells tһе ѕtοrу οf a child wіtһ autism / Production University Centre fοr Autism / Executive Producer: Walid authority. Words οf tһе poet Sultan Sabhan

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12 Responses to “Teary Nasheed about Autism – true story [Eng subtitles]”
  1. mohammadzafar says:

    @litangel – May Allah make it easier for you and your family. Every second of patience you show is a reward you will earn, and it will also bring happiness to your daughter :)

  2. litangel says:

    Alhamdulillah. Thank you for posting this video. I cried thinking of my 5 year old daughter who has severe autism. She is a gift and a temporary loan to me from Allah.

  3. MohammedMuzzy87 says:

    @StrainSop My mom used to tell me sad stroies when about before I was born she used to be a Nurses asistant in a hospital with the mentaly ill patiants this Nasheed touches me as I grew up with some mental problems but Alhamdulila later In life I have found Islam but I have learned to not be so judgemental towrds people as Allah created us all the way we are for a reason Mashallah!

  4. SweetMuslima18 says:

    Oh subhanallaah, it made me cry!! Maa shaa’Allaah very beautiful nasheed, barakhallaahu feek for uploading it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. MohammedMuzzy87 says:

    mashallah verry touching made me cry as I myself grew up with a learning disibillity but now i have found Islam Alhamdulila!

  6. 3atleet says:

    جميل، لا بد من التوعية حول التعامل مع مرض التوحد

  7. FollowedShadow says:

    Really touching, masha Allah. Jazaku Allahu khayran.

  8. Fear1Allaah says:

    jazakAllah khair

  9. StrainSop says:

    @shaheedah314 as I said in my “blue hijab day” video autism touches millions of people, including myself since I worked with an autistic client in my last job. I hope that this makes people think differelty about all disabled people…that they are our brothers and sisters in humanity and need to be treated with the same respect and dignity as other people. may Allah reward you for posting this!! :-)

  10. noshak says:

    Sub7an al-Khala2 al-3theem. Very touching nasheed. Jazakum Allah Khair

  11. shaheedah314 says:

    This is really sad, I come across a lot of children with autism, mashAllah they are very gifted children. And there’s this one girl mashAllah she was able to memorise 4juzs in 3-4months, it was amazing and she was 5or6 at the time.

  12. yousafmalik2009 says:

    lovely beautiful upload thanx

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