Temple Grandin, one οf tһе mοѕt internationally recognized autistics аחԁ a renowned expert іח animal science talks аbουt һеr life wіtһ autism аחԁ іtѕ influence οח һеr work. Sһе аƖѕο discusses tһе חеw HBO movie based οח һеr autobiography. Bυу tһе DVD here: soar.ois.psu.edu

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25 Responses to “Temple Grandin – Conversations from Penn State”
  1. CherryChocolate1987 says:

    Temple Grandin is an amazing woman. Such and inspiration and her movie is the only movie that Claire Danes was actually good in. can’t stand any of her other movies. but this one brought tears to my eyes, she was amazing…

  2. shylionfilms says:

    I love Temple, and I thought the interviewer was wonderful too. She seems genuinely respectful and enthused about having Temple as a guest.

  3. ansta0311 says:

    RESPECT for this very special lady! Just saw the movie, brilliant!!

  4. BeUnbroken says:

    Her eyes are really pretty. Haha. It’s almost impossible to believe that she is autistic, her speech is perfectly flowing, she seems to really know where she’s going. She’s a very inspirational person.

  5. twostepRMX says:

    If I didn’t know she had autism and talked with her today I’d think she was “nuerotypical”

  6. nava711 says:

    Amazing!!!! I watched the movie and Loved it!

  7. KristianKronicles says:

    @karenofbethany Perhaps Temple has issues being around large groups of people for long periods of time. So a one on one interveiw would probably be alot easier for her.

  8. NosferatuD says:

    I’ve since seen and watched many pieces of Temple Grandin’s work and I have to say that she progressively has gotten to the stage where her autistic behavior has largely faded. It’s really rather amazing.

  9. karenofbethany says:

    apoleRune: thanks. I find Temple to be a very BRAVE person. She must be extremely uncomfortable most of the time in these media events, and in my opinion, she sacrifices her personal comfort for the sake of helping others. Her sincerity and her drive to make a difference in the lives of others who have suffered or are suffering – these are more tangible and powerful expressions of love than what we normally consider as “showing love” in society in general.

  10. apoetRune says:

    What a great insight. Thank you.

  11. apoetRune says:

    What a great insight.

  12. doledu says:

    I have a autistic granddaughter and I found that I was spell bound listening to her. What a fine interview. I learned so much. Thank you Temple.

  13. whendirtgetsinmyeye says:

    wonderful wonderful interview

  14. WarbossPepe says:

    @mountainmover15 you know whats a fantastic method of learning how others learn? Travelling, learning new languages, cultures and meeting new people.

  15. ColdPillowz says:

    man, Patty Satalia is an excellent interviewer

  16. karenofbethany says:

    Temple Grandin should design special education classrooms and curriculums.

  17. karenofbethany says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of intereviews with Temple. In this one, she seems the most calm and relaxed, has the most eye contact. I feel sure it is because this interviewer is calm, relaxed, interested, non-show biz, totally sees Temple as an interesting person, NOT an autistic person. As if they are equals. In the other interviews, she is more “on display”.

  18. AivasovskyHeifetz says:

    She seems like a great person.

  19. tome2323able says:

    @tome2323able I also understand the fear

  20. tome2323able says:

    I understand how this lady thinks. I have CP. I know have senory problems. I love to write, but hate math.

  21. PennState says:

    Her story is fascinating! Claire Daines hit it right on the mark! Temple rocks!!!!

  22. mountainmover15 says:

    As an educator I find that many children think differently and often are relegated to the outskirts of life in general. What we need to do is learn how others learn differently and bring out the skills of the primary learning style while encouraging young children to explore and learn how to activate secondary learning styles. Temple grandlin is an example of how people learn differently, overcome challenges and become a world class thinker.

  23. bubblepopvideos says:

    She is truly an inspiration to many people…what a great person

  24. vishnu1673 says:

    she is really a marvelous lady…must see her movie

  25. iamjustjudy says:

    I saw the movie Temple Grandin with Claire Dain. After watching this interview I realize what an amazing actress she is. Perfect portrayal. I also want to say that Dr. Grandin is an awe inspiring person who has done so much with her life- very impressive. Much thanks to Dr. Grandin for helping families of those with autism to see a little bit into her world. Also I agree with her statement, “nature is cruel, but we don’t have to be”. Thanks to Penn State for this interview.

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