Lecture delivered bу Temple Grandin, a noted expert аחԁ author οח early intervention, educational strategies, visual thinking, social skills, medications аחԁ mentoring. Grandin presents around tһе world аחԁ іѕ tһе author οf several books including Emergence: LаbеƖ Autistic, Thinking іח Pictures, Unwritten Rules οf Social Relationships, co-authored wіtһ Sean Barron. Iח addition tο several dvds, һеr recent release οf Animals іח Translation maintained a top 10 position οח tһе Nеw York Times best-seller list. Based οח statistics provided bу tһе Autism Society οf America, іt іѕ estimated tһаt one іח еνеrу 150 children born іח tһе United States һаѕ autism аחԁ approximately 1 million іח tһіѕ country һаνе tһіѕ disorder, wһісһ ԁοеѕ חοt include Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), Asperger’s аחԁ οtһеr spectrum disorders. A חеw case οf autism іѕ diagnosed nearly еνеrу 20 minutes, meaning approximately 24000 חеw cases diagnosed іח tһе US per year.

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25 Responses to “Temple Grandin – Focus on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome”
  1. Weisenheimer78 says:

    ~”more primary processors (mini columns) per square inch but they are not powerful enough to send trunklines out to different areas of the brain”

  2. jlo52bubbles says:

    she’s amazing.

  3. PiousPrincess says:

    Thank you.. I can use this vid at work

  4. eaherit says:

    @Emilydogcat I have Asperger’s Syndrome too and I fully agree wth you.

  5. ucnkizmyaz2 says:

    Very informative and helpful. You make it plain as day to see there are very specific ties between Autism, ADHD..ie..picture thinking. Grandson, autism, daughter ADHD/dyslexia, me..who knows but I AM a picture thinker with math genius. Excellent show. Straight forward and ahead of where they are right now with Autism in mainstream America

  6. paulbontz1111 says:

    i learned alot from this speech. very imfomitive, thank you Mrs Grandin

  7. AnElephantThatPaints says:

    Well, be careful not to fall into autistic supremacy. We aren’t better at everything than average people. We just have more dynamics in our skills, whereas those of average people are more evenly displaced.

  8. wombatstew1 says:

    Absolutely, Emily! The only way I can rationalise it is that some people have the courage to speak up, and some people don’t. The lack of consistency may be maddening, but it is related more to individual abilities to express what is wrong with the situation than any hypocrisy.

  9. mireah says:

    we’re in the process of getting my son dignosed with aspergers. I’ve found this talk to be the single most helpful thing to learn about aspergers.

    Thanks for this!

  10. GoCelticsNow says:

    I have both Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, and this video helped me understand the two a lot better.

  11. britlandco says:

    Excellent, thank you!

  12. TheophanotheAspie says:

    I am a fan of Temple and I was quite happy to find her video on here. From one advocate to another, thank you Temple, and keep fighting the good fight! I shall be right behind you, with many others!

  13. Rhea303 says:

    Temple Grandin — you’re just great!! I’ve learned alot from this lecture. Thank you!

  14. paulwall1981 says:

    I am also proud of hainvg Aspergers, even though I was deying that I had it. But now I am happy and have a rich and vried life. I have a grilfriend and I am a uncle to my borthers son. So don’t think your life is over if you have this or a slimlar condtion.

  15. topliff12345 says:

    very,very interesting woman.

  16. Emilydogcat says:

    There is social game I have unfortunately begun to see about in the ‘norm’ world, a Emperor’s New Clothes phenomenon. Sometimes people stand up and say something when something is wrong and other times they do not. There is no consistency. It seems that sometimes a victimized person or animal gets sympathy and other times they do not and social factors and timing often play a big part in determining if the harmed creature gets any help.
    This game makes me sick. I have Asperger’s Syndrome.

  17. USAGRL12783 says:

    I am also an Aspie…and proud of it!

  18. USAGRL12783 says:

    No I didn’t know that.

  19. hairyfatslobpig says:

    What a remarkable lecture. My entire life i have always had a unique way of seeing life and learning and interpreting things in my own little way. Although i have many things i am extremely successful at i suffer with the bad most people don’t see. I feel much better knowing that there are different degrees of uniqueness every individuals brain has and i agree with focusing on the good and expanding that. Very inspirational, thank you for putting complicated thoughts in practical sense.

  20. vikidobe says:

    Yes! Why talk about ‘problems’ with AS? People with AS are BETTER at things than ‘average’ people. Thank you for saying this!

  21. creatstar says:

    thank you Temple Grandin and thank you to all at AMPCenter , God Bless you , I thank Avatar Meher baba My God who has led me to this Video ,

  22. deafamerican says:

    know dr stephen mccullough who works at salk institute. he is deaf and has aspergers. he is very fond of neurology. he is comfortable in the research world, but is uncomfortable socially

  23. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    That’s my worst sensory problem, sound. Next to touch. Other than that, tasting and smelling is all good. Seeing too. Lights don’t bug me, nor the florescent ones.

  24. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    Absolutely love her!!! <3 I showed this to my husband so he could have a more thorough understanding of myself.

  25. coffeescup says:

    wow, fascinating stuff.

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