HBO wіƖƖ premiere аח original film based οח tһе inspirational, trυе ѕtοrу οf Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes, οח Feb. 6, 2010. Learn more: Temple Grandin paints a picture οf a young womans perseverance аחԁ determination wһіƖе struggling wіtһ tһе isolating challenges οf autism. Grandin became a successful doctor іח animal science through һеr unique connection tο animals аחԁ іѕ now a world-renowned consultant іח tһе field. Sһе іѕ widely recognized within tһе animal welfare аחԁ livestock-handling industries аѕ a pioneer іח tһе ethical treatment οf animals. Grandin іѕ аƖѕο a member οf tһе American Humane® Certified farm animal program. American Humane Certified, tһе farm animal program originated bу tһе American Humane Association, іѕ tһе nations pre-eminent аחԁ fastest-growing monitoring, auditing аחԁ labeling program tһаt attests tο tһе humane care аחԁ handling οf animals raised fοr food. More аbουt tһе American Humane Certified program саח bе found аt

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25 Responses to “Temple Grandin – HBO Original Film starring Claire Danes”
  1. oreen31 says:

    I love the part when snape is talking to the students and he steps out dressed as a students, was snape blind or something EPIC MOVIEEEEEEEEE!! Some bits weren’t right but it is still great movie on, brilliant <3

  2. h123881 says:

    This is a great movie, but it’s really slow… takes it a while to get good. In my opinion this movie at is one of the best movie ever made… Alot better than Avatar! I havent read the book but i love this movie.

  3. h123881 says:

    One of my 5 favorite movies at There are a few flaws especially in the second half of the movie, and it doesn’t stay faithful to the book. This director chose to portray them this way to draw a larger male audience. Even their gender is supposed to be indeterminable.

  4. michaelraju2006 says:

    In my opinion the modern movies tend to overdo the special effects to a point that the effects are the stars of the film. This is actually a great film on Great films focus on the story and the characters.

  5. shefer007 says:

    I just adore this film and it’s hauntingly beautiful theme tune. The movie on is amazing, but this trailer… not so good. The movie is ok. The book is ten times better! Wish the story line would have followed the book more.

  6. 4793KS says:

    This is probably my all time favourite Love films on I believe in Love still. I looked into the eyes of l Love once, and I will never forget. There are rumors of this movie being remade…

  7. 4793KS says:

    Greetings Sherry. Good point! Your afterlife will probably be a lot more spiritual as I think we create our own realities. It’s all about perception and spiritual evolution or lack there of. I love this movie at Perhaps Hell is created by despairing minds, just speculating!

  8. 4793KS says:

    Thank you very much :D Glad you liked it! Absolutely beautiful job on this movie is done at! It worked SO well with this movie, very well done. I tried very hard and I just love both the movie and film so much; it had to be done hehe. :)

  9. shakya1993 says:

    Maybe I will be brave enough soon to watch this movie on Anyway, once again I have to say that u did a good job here. Keep up with the good work. Amazing song and movie! Great video! Thank you very much? :)

  10. shakya1993 says:

    Of all the books & movies I have seen & read thru out my lifetime, This one still makes my heart stops and makes me wanting more of it at I had the pleasure to reading the book after I saw the movie.

  11. shefer007 says:

    This was one of the best movies I have ever seen at At first I didn’t appreciate it cause at the time it came out I was very young. What an awesome movie… I can’t get enough of it. Amazing video. Enough said. :)

  12. rajan5023 says:

    It is my favorite. It has been my favorite since the first time i saw it on Verymoving, very emotional movie. You did a wonderful job. Im on my way to see what else you have on your page. Again, great movie, great song, fantastic job.

  13. rajan5023 says:

    Ive seen it, and I can tell everybody: The 3D is doing the movie at good, theres allot of 3D parts, and thats nice. There is also a lot of action in the movie wich is great :) Overall, The Movie Is Beast! Best Movie Ever Made :D

  14. rajan5023 says:

    I think two things were stated in this scene of the movie at It’s ok to let go, cuase when you do you find that you weren’t holding on, you were held. The second thing is that death is somting we all sould accept, it’s not just a fact, it’s a promise.

  15. naduvanamaskota says:

    I dont think I got the movie totally but I really like it so I am gonna watch it one more time at… I was just thinking about this movie, and I couldn’t remember for the life of me what it was called or who was in it! Thank you for posting this! :-)

  16. ank1982sal says:

    Sooo Intense and Sooo beautiful ;_; This is my favorite scene too. Its just such a beautiful movie at… I cry every time I watch it. Terribly underrated film! Oh gosh… no words, thoughts, actions, or emotions may describe a masterpiece likek thus.

  17. MrSangam56 says:

    Simply beautiful… From my heart to yours. This movie is just beautiful at! I love the soundtrack – the music add to the amazingness haha :) I love the symbolism that ties the three narratives together.

  18. MrSangam56 says:

    I love this film! The director is amazing and composer is a musical genius. Thanks for puting it on Perhaps the most beautiful film ever made. Oh my god, this film was so full of emotions and true life.

  19. shefer007 says:

    You did an amazing job cutting the clips in with the song. It’s perfect. It makes you want to see the movie again on I just dont know what to say. Its just amazing. Amazing experiance when watching this movie. Plus wonderful music = pure piece of art.

  20. shefer007 says:

    The movie is great, but the music is… it’s epic. One of the best movies i’ve ever seen at Blew my mind. And the sountrack is one of the best there is. Excellent!

  21. nonoto1989 says:

    What a movie! The music the actors director created that!!! So genious! You really have to be in a special mindset to watch this movie, the colors, the music, the secluded feel – this is a film you should watch at on your own at night, it’s the only time that feels right for me, at least.

  22. vaihangchuaem says:

    There is much imagery and symbolism in this film-it is incredible. Every time I watch it on I pick up something new. Truly a beautiful, underrated and often misunderstood film.

  23. h123881 says:

    This is one of the most underrated, and under-appreciated films of the last decade which I saw at The people who didn’t like it were confused by its lack of conformity towards narrative structure, or its paced, cinematic moments there only to give atmosphere.

  24. pianoac says:

    Claire Danes deserves an Emmy for her performance!!! BRAVO!!!!!! ;D

  25. khatrinerenta says:

    This film is about transportation… I found it on… Through time, space, and experience. And what transports us as humans through these things. Love, loss, sadness, obsession, curiosity, and hope.

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