Temple Grandin – Reinventing Autism, a 90-minute documentary, wіƖƖ tеƖƖ tһе captivating ѕtοrу οf Temple’s life, аחԁ һеr journey overcoming autism аחԁ living life tο іt’s fullest. Tһіѕ preview offers a glimpse οf tһе project — wһісһ һаѕ bееח a labor οf Ɩονе fοr Temple аחԁ tһе production team — wһο аrе committed tο increasing awareness οf autism аחԁ helping families emerge frοm a grim diagnosis tο сrеаtе a full аחԁ meaningful life fοr tһеіr children. Fοr more information, visit www.templegrandindoc.com

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25 Responses to “Temple Grandin: Reinventing Autism”
  1. PinkPunkyKat says:

    I was born low functning autistic but my mum worked with me the same way Temple’s mum worked with her and as a result some doctors don’t believe I am autistic.

  2. PinkPunkyKat says:

    @azuragerbil She’s not throwing my games into the sea either. Video games helped teach me hand eye cordination, concentration and frustration tolerence.

  3. PinkPunkyKat says:

    @carerush She is a hypocryte, If she truely truely loved cattle she would be advoting veganism in addition to making human slaugher houses but perhaps she loves them on a plate.

  4. carerush says:

    This woman is so incredible! I wish she would become vegan. Being a picky eater it would be so easy for her. – Asperperger Woman 59. LOOOOVE HER!:

  5. azuragerbil says:

    pry the video games out of my cold dead hands lol

  6. aderoplau says:

    Temple Grandin is a film you must see. Watch it for free at: quickfreemovie-.-com

  7. aderoplau says:

    Temple Grandin is a film you must see. Watch it for free at: quickfreemovie-.-com

  8. chalatime says:

    Great movie. See all the movies you like for free at: quickfreemovie(.)com

  9. PestimisticAngel says:

    Thanks for the upload. She is so professional.

  10. leoejr says:

    My apologies to conyelp: I sent the remarks I said to the wrong person. conyelp please accept my apolgie.
    Should have kept my thoughts to myself

  11. Lizsilas says:

    I very much agree that it is sad folks like Brittany Speers are considered role models. thankfully, there are people like Dr. Grandin.

  12. Lizsilas says:

    My three year old son is on the spectrum and doesn’t say much, at least not that is intelligible. But Dr. Grandin has given me such hope for what my son can accomplish and that doing the hard stuff now will make it that much easier for him as he gets older. Thank you so much Dr. Grandin for being such and inspiration to so many!

  13. conyelp says:

    leoejr, I don’t understand, what is it people have said here that makes you say, “You are all wrapped up in yourself, take an ego break and chill.” And something about us/we not being the judge, who has made comments that are judgmental? I see pretty much praise and admiration expressed here.

  14. LaDominadora says:

    I wish that more people like her could take on some of these labor unions and their inhumane treatment of the workers.

  15. leoejr says:

    it easy to see that you are all wrapped up in yourself. take a ego brake and chill. you are not the judge.

  16. msbiebz6 says:

    She’s amazing! An inspiration! She’s the smartest person I’ve ever heard of.

  17. oHarryTimbercranko says:

    You are a an idiot. Learn how to compose a sentence.

  18. bubblepopvideos says:

    She is amazing and it sucks cause like Britty Speers is one of the United states’ role model and it sucks cause she should be the role model. God bless her

  19. zomfgitstory says:

    this lady is my great aunt :)

  20. 34sunbun says:

    what makes her awesome is her honesty and desire to share her life to help others. true angel of God.

  21. goldfinger1970 says:

    I absolutely love and adore you Temple! You have inspired me to walk through as many doors as possible and stare fear right in the face.

  22. conyelp says:

    God bless you Temple Grandin, you are truly a lovely person. I cried when I saw the abuse and taunting you were subjected to when you were growing up. You are God’s gift to us, I would love to meet you and talk to you but you are way back in Colorado and I’m in California. Take care of yourself and thank you for sharing all of your knowledge so other children can lead a better life who are autistic.

  23. Dementor says:

    what a wonder woman. I adore her, god bless her.

  24. selentic3 says:

    You’re dumb!

  25. ejmlyqss says:

    praise God for Temple Grandin’s Mum. Her monther see hope for temple at early age.

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