HLN’s Joy Behar talks wіtһ Claire Danes аחԁ autism pioneer Temple Grandin аbουt tһе importance οf treating autism early. Air Date: February 3rd, 2010

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15 Responses to “Temple Grandin: The Truth About Autism”
  1. MisterStewieGriffin says:

    @gasmbay Absolutely! Each child is different and each child is on a different level on the autism spectrum. Check out havedreams [dot]org, read Temple’s books, read Jenny McCarthy’s book: “Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism.” As they say, better late than never.

  2. gasmbay says:

    what do you do if it was not treated early? is there still chance?

  3. procommenter says:

    (1) Watch G. Edward Griffin’s 1974 film: “World Without Cancer.” My father had a cancerous lobe removed from his lung 8 yrs. ago. 18 months ago he was given the V.A.’s diagnosis that the cancer’s & that he will die in 3-12 months. Since then he’s been taking Laetrile & eating Amygdalin-rich raw apple seeds, pear seeds, apricot kernels. Embryologist John Beard proclaimed, in 1902, that cancer is the result of the body’s inability to turn

  4. procommenter says:

    (2) off the healing process as our diets are deficient in a naturally-occurring substance known as Amygdalin. Healing cells and pre-embryonic cells are one-and-the-same (a.k.a. trophoblast cells).

  5. ssips720 says:

    joy is so out of touch here..

  6. ssips720 says:

    looka like claire is a little stuck in the charactor.

  7. bboynude1 says:

    Amazing. Thanks for the post. Temple is cool yo and very informative.

  8. charleecrat says:

    thank you for posting this. I saw the movie and loved it. So happy Temple can offer hope to those afflicted with this condition. Godspeed to her

  9. MisterStewieGriffin says:

    Thanks for the *positive* comments! To all u haters that leave vile remarks and inappropriate language that a kid with autism might stumble upon…and that I’m positive you wouldn’t have the nerve to utter in real life — when YOU get your own talk show, you can interview Temple yourself and call her Dr, Grandin. But from where I sit, Joy is shedding light on Temple Grandin and Autism. And that’s a good thing no matter how you slice it.

  10. LaDominadora says:

    I agree with brabon1. If had not been “cursed” with being a highly emotional person I would have accomplished a lot more in life. Most people are basically negative so the less interaction you have with them the better off you are. How far ahead a lot of us would be in our lives/careers if we had Dr. Grandin’s gift to not notice social cues (most of them negative anyway) and went ahead and soared through life. Worrying about what peple think is the reason most people don’t excel.

  11. brabon1 says:

    thank god that dr gradin is not “normal”

    if she were, she wouldnt have accomplished all the things she has

  12. Khono says:

    Ehh; I don’t like that Joy person. She seems disingenuous and more interested in the typical “good for you you’re becoming normal” kind of attitude where as the actress Clare Danes seemed to be more genuinely impressed with Dr. Grandin. Cool to learn about the link between Adam and this new movie.

  13. CheekyMonkey1968 says:

    Thank you for posting, Mister Stewie. Just watched the movie last night. Temple is an amazing spirit and i’m in awe of her.
    OMG! i just typed that as C.Danes said it! D’oh. Seriously. no accidents.
    Cheers- Stewie.

  14. madeyes4u says:

    Yeah, I read the book 3 years ago. Pretty good

  15. syluxerian says:

    i alredy saw that movie

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