www.ted.com Autism activist Temple Grandin talks аbουt һοw һеr mind works — sharing һеr ability tο “tһіחk іח pictures,” wһісһ helps һеr solve problems tһаt neurotypical brains mіɡһt miss. Sһе mаkеѕ tһе case tһаt tһе world needs people οח tһе autism spectrum visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, verbal thinkers, аחԁ аƖƖ kinds οf smart geeky kids.TEDTalks іѕ a daily video podcast οf tһе best talks аחԁ performances frοm tһе TED Conference, wһеrе tһе world’s leading thinkers аחԁ doers give tһе talk οf tһеіr lives іח 18 minutes. Featured speakers һаνе included Al Gore οח climate change, Philippe Starck οח design, Jill Bolte Taylor οח observing һеr οwח stroke, Nicholas Negroponte οח One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall οח chimpanzees, Bill Gates οח malaria аחԁ mosquitoes, Pattie Maes οח tһе “Sixth Sense” wearable tech, аחԁ “Lost” producer JJ Abrams οח tһе allure οf mystery. TED stands fοr Technology, Entertainment, Design, аחԁ TEDTalks cover tһеѕе topics аѕ well аѕ science, business, development аחԁ tһе arts. Closed captions аחԁ translated subtitles іח a variety οf languages аrе now available οח TED.com, аt www.ted.com Watch a highlight reel οf tһе Top 10 TEDTalks аt www.ted.com

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25 Responses to “Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds”
  1. virginiatechfanx says:

    ha google for images so cool i love the way she said that.

  2. virginiatechfanx says:

    ha google for images so cool i lobe the way she said that.

  3. nadimaal says:

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  4. TheReasonWhyGuy says:

    @Nahulanham Sorry, but your single word dismissive comment failed to refer to which of my comments you wished to dismiss. Either that or you wanted to proclaim the irrelevance of all my comments, and in that case might I ask, WHY? ;p
    Take care

  5. barthez4 says:

    Just saw the movie about her and hoped that she was featured on TED. Glad I was right.

  6. mulletcar says:

    She is a very brilliant person, and to a degree I believe what she is saying with 1 caveat: People who are severely Autistic do still need research and help, but mild Austistics need to have very supportive parents and teachers to discover their strong suites and focus them on them.

  7. karenofbethany says:

    weightpro, my son had learning disabilities, went through special ed, got his master’s and wants his ph.d.

    It’s all about budgeting in schools. These videos would be great for special ed. teachers and I have already sent him several. Much of her information can be utilized but again, there is way too much activity and stimulation and no down time for students, and the SCHOOL BOARD chooses the curriculum. It’s difficult.

  8. weightpro says:

    @TheReasonWhyGuy I get what you are trying to say and i agree to some extent but being narcissistic and confident are two completely different things. For example, I am a very confident male, I am confidently aggressive and but I’m not in love with myself, I’d much prefer to talk about others and worry about myself on my own time. I don’t want everything to be about me, I want it to be about others. The trick is balancing mind with hormones haha.



  10. TheReasonWhyGuy says:

    @weightpro “USA still holds number one in the confidence category”

    That’s actually a bad thing… it sounds good, but people who are extremely confident, are more likely to develop narcissistic disorders. Think about it, who else besides narcissists love themselves more ;P

    Being confident IMO, leads people to believe that they don’t need to learn from others and thus means that teachers can’t reach them as easily.

    To assume knowledge, is to ensure ignorance.

  11. weightpro says:

    You are very right, there are many different types of people who are learn better with certain teaching techniques. And each person is different so yes whoever it would be to try and fix the system would have to realize the level of detail one must go into to create and effective learning system. By the way, I believe USA has fallen behind in nearly every subject :( and I think it should definetly be fixed. However, USA still holds number one in the confidence category haha.

  12. TheReasonWhyGuy says:

    @darkpoet1976 ovbiously ;)
    Either that or she spends the time most of us waste thinking about people or pop-culture thing, thinking about things that are more important. :)

  13. TheReasonWhyGuy says:

    @weightpro Fixing school systems requires recognition of all the common varieties of brain… I know from personal experience, that I learn almost nothing if it isn’t spoken. Simply reading something is almost pointless, however if I have even a computer voice reading along with me, I remember almost word for word every detail from articles I read years ago.
    It’s easy to blame the student, and it’s hard for society to truly learn how to effectively teach.

  14. ChooseMyFamily says:

    @brabon1 I think you’re right, but it’s so sad, especially for people who might now be adults and may never get help, or help might not make as much difference after a certain age. That’s terrific about your nephew!

  15. Jdub14000 says:

    She is amazing!!!!!!! Wow!

  16. brabon1 says:

    @ChooseMyFamily many….and mostly because the label of autism was seen as being almost a death sentence

    i hate that they are scaring parents with that new commercial regarding 1 out of 125 kid will be diagnosed with autism

    its a spectrum….my niece and nephew have as and they are both brilliant and i love them dearly…my nephew can do stuff in programming that i could only wish to…he is 12 and has offered to teach me

  17. darkpoet1976 says:

    Temple is a genius !!!!!!

  18. brabon1 says:

    @bluebanshee3 they are laughing in agreement

  19. bluebanshee3 says:

    why are people laughing when she says autists belong in silicon valley? for the techies and visual thinkers, it’s so true. :) i’m not sure why the words-people (NLD’s) aren’t all writing either. but we’re just not.

  20. ChooseMyFamily says:

    How many adults suffer socially b/c never diagnosed w/autism as child! Wow, thank you!

  21. alteritY9k says:

    Part if it boils down to the difference in philosophy of whether schools should teach kids direct fact-knowledge or if it they should teach in a way that more allows the child to find their own talents and passions. I think the former has almost no value without the latter. Put differently, though it would make things so much easier, it is not possible to effectively ‘industrialize’ even basic education. There must be the recognition of individuality in even the most fundamental ways of thinking

  22. alteritY9k says:

    I agree that school systems can get stuck in the ideology that there’s only one good/useful way to think and if you can’t effectively think in that way then they can’t help you. More educators and policy makers need to realize there’s more than one way to be smart and there’s more than one way to express that intelligence.

  23. LoneEmpress says:

    Amazing, I love the documentary on her: The woman who thinks like a cow. Amazing work.

  24. TheLondonKnight says:

    This video is part of my midterm examination for 1st year Psychology :(

  25. mary1861 says:

    @lwanatt Asperger’s is also a spectrum in itself. There are no two people with Asperger’s who are exactly alike. So, there is nothing to disagree with. She just gave examples of some of the different ways of thinking. You can use all of the different methods, but usually one or two will be stronger assets for you, than the others. Remember a main characteristic of Asperger’s is “really good at one subject area and really not so good in another subject area.”

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