Biopic οf Temple Grandin, аח autistic woman wһο overcame tһе limitations imposed οח һеr bу һеr condition tο become аח expert іח tһе field οf animal husbandry. Sһе developed аח interest іח cattle early іח life wһіƖе spending time аt һеr Aunt аחԁ Uncle’s ranch. Sһе ԁіԁ חοt speak until age four аחԁ һаԁ difficulty rіɡһt through high school, mostly іח dealing wіtһ people. Hеr mother wаѕ very supportive аѕ wеrе ѕοmе οf һеr teachers. Sһе іѕ noted fοr сrеаtіחɡ һеr ‘hug box’, widely recognized today аѕ a way οf relieving stress аחԁ һеr humane design fοr tһе treatment οf cattle іח processing plants, even winning аח award frοm PETA. Today, ѕһе іѕ a professor аt Colorado State University.

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25 Responses to “Temple Grandin (Trailer)”
  1. LuXoS10 says:

    My brother has Aspergers syndrome, and like all Autistic people, (as stated strongly in this movie too) Different, not less. Though through a lot of patience and being with him all the time our family’s seen him overcome all of the barriers that stopped him living a normal life, though I believe the Autism opened new doors for him, it was the MMR jab that caused his Autism, and I’m glad he had it, because he wouldn’t be as truly amazing as he is now if he didn’t have it. The beauty of life <3.

  2. pianoac says:

    This movie definitely deserved those Emmy’s!!! Thank you, HBO, for making a great, inspirational movie!!! :’)

  3. kingreese79 says:

    Amazing movie

  4. roosevelthighschool says:

    I saw this movie the other night and I loved it. I had the privilege of meeting her mom here in my hometown. It was at a college and everything. Put everything into perspective about people with autism.

  5. TimmyOpel says:

    webmovietube is the best place to watch movies onle for free..njoy

  6. 1Lelabear says:

    My favorite line in the movie: “Nature is cruel, but we don’t have to be.”

  7. 1Lelabear says:

    My favorite line in the movie: Nature is cruel, but we don’t have to be.”

  8. Knife138 says:

    Amazing, I gotta see this, being a fellow Aspy myself!

    Who here has actually MET Temple Grandin? I did once when she was speaking for Asperger’s and I got a chance to go up to her and meet her. (Doubt she’ll remember me) but it was still a great moment!

  9. podiumman2 says:

    This movie is a MUST see….especially if you know anyone who has autism spectrum disorder (I think after you see this, you’d be less inclined to agree it should be called a disorder)

  10. ChuckyJesus666 says:

    I just saw this……..must see!!!!

  11. GamingNerd456 says:

    @art4thecure1 i have AS to :) and i agree with yea :)

  12. GamingNerd456 says:

    @art4thecure1 i have as to :) and i agree with yea :)

  13. TOMAN4EVER says:

    Awesome, awesome!

  14. mirsada1996 says:

    i remember when she played Juliet

  15. WanderingChild999 says:

    I think she is the most annoying person I’ve ever seen in a movie.

  16. MaaraDeklaLaima says:

    i am currentlly reading her book “thinking in pictures” and now i want to see this movie

  17. Demyx52 says:

    I love this movie.

  18. ElleEstVivante says:

    This movie is extraordinarily easy to relate to. That’s why I like this very much.
    Plus, I find it hilarious now that both Danes and her husband have played autistic people.

  19. ARP7777777 says:

    @5150VanAlien Hurrah for you!

  20. katherined says:

    this is a perfect movie that show autism

  21. Racer1062000 says:

    We are All Different but We are All Equal.

  22. 5150VanAlien says:

    @AtreidesHeir That’s fine, I appreciate your opinion. Movies are too difficult in capturing an entire life within less than 2 hours. I too have Asperger’s and OCD. My son has it and my father too who was an alcoholic and beat me senseless till I was 20. I’ve had difficulties socially interacting and have had difficulties keeping down jobs because as soon as people see differences, they DISTANCE themselves. Still, I’ve completed Masters degrees and content how far I’ve come given obstacles.

  23. AnywhereButHere09 says:

    @AtreidesHeir You are completely correct!! Thank you for knowing how it is too!

  24. AtreidesHeir says:

    @darkarch360 Retard is a bit of a strong word. Temple Grandin has a high IQ and has accomplished a lot considering her struggles in life. Please be a little understanding and considerate before calling someone such a mean name.

  25. AtreidesHeir says:

    @5150VanAlien I respect your opinion, but as someone who has Asperger’s, I was very displeased with the movie. It took every stereotype of autism and Asperger’s, amplified them, assigned them to each person and didn’t really touch base on what they were doing constructive-wise to address their limitations. I believe that others should watch for themselves, but I suggest watching it on here or possibly through NetFlix or another site that you don’t have to pay for the movie.

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