yeah аt mу christmas party, nic аחԁ i ԁο a ƖіttƖе improv wіtһ a daytime talk ѕһοw based οח Aspergers Syndrome. wе both һаνе aspergers btw, ѕο іf уου һаνе іt tοο, dont leave hatemail.

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21 Responses to “The Aspergers Show”
  1. redwolffire says:

    i have aspergers!

  2. jogtheviking says:


  3. virginianthrashmetal says:

    in the beginning it sounded like he said,ASSBURGERS

  4. nothingunusual says:

    Yes to self-deprecating Asperger’s humour! I do it all the time. More people need to learn to make fun of themselves. :D

  5. katiepot says:

    Im an aspie, I thought it was hilarious!! I joke around about it with my friends to :P

  6. missanime00 says:

    Lol. I have Aspergers and that was just funny. Yeah I tend to joke around about it a lot as well. :P

  7. lamandalynne says:

    Awesome video. Nice to see that you have a sense of humor.

    Answer me something if you would. My ex roommates boys have AS… is it normal for them to haul ass running from one end of the house to the other screaming at the top of their lungs and laughing?

    They both also fear cooking… and public… and any kind of responsibility… or is some of that possibly caused by their father sheltering them and not letting them be human? They are 16 and 17.

  8. 2182m says:

    Damn I did it again!!!!! I meant TYPED! not tyed.

  9. 2182m says:

    Damn i guess I tyed to fast the first time…oops…
    oh, ok. you weren’t just making fun…that’s cool…. That’s basicly what I was trying to ask. =p

  10. LordOfAllFevrsNPlags says:

    ive been so busy lately, i havent had the time to do much you-tubing. im going to try to get around to it this week

  11. Pyrosoul says:

    Are you ever going to make another video about autism/aspegers?

    Maybe not something like this (Not that I don’t like this video…this video is awesome), but it’s good to know that auties are creating media on this wide internet.

  12. Pyrosoul says:


    I love this video.

  13. Aluapay says:

    You guys are nuts….love your video.

  14. hamelon says:

    You kidding me? That was the best part!

  15. LordOfAllFevrsNPlags says:

    pardon me?

    me and him really do have aspergers. we just have a sense of humour about it.

  16. jmjlane says:

    it was very entertaining until you started hitting each other.

  17. Bashe86 says:

    I love AS kids

  18. hamelon says:


  19. BrohemianRhapsody says:

    No, it’s a PERFECT COUCH! *series of nonsensical screams*


  20. Bashe86 says:


  21. 2182m says:

    ok now you at or with asberger’s??

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