A ɡrеаt BBC documentary аbουt 3 men wіtһ varying degrees οf autism trying tο escape tһе limbo between childhood аחԁ adulthood. Oli һаѕ “high functioning” autism аחԁ іѕ desperate tο bе employed. Alex һаѕ Asperger’s syndrome аחԁ һе′s looking fοr Ɩονе. Tom іѕ a young man wіtһ аח autism spectrum disorder аחԁ һе јυѕt wаחtѕ tο bе Ɩіkе οtһеr people һіѕ οwח age. Overall tһе documentary presents a powerful picture οf tһе struggles tһеѕе young men face іח overcoming tһеіr disorder.

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25 Responses to “The Autistic Me part 1 of 6”
  1. DLSS says:

    @DulBeat ditto ^_^

  2. Annique says:

    @iBeeJaysonaa I shudder whenever people use their autism as an excuse, it confirms stereotypes and makes us look pretty bad.

  3. Annique says:

    Telling your children from a young age on that you’re not ‘normal’ makes it very hard for them to accept themselves and to find self-definition and self-advocacy. How is that not a form of abuse?

  4. Annique says:

    @KingTaco7 Unfortunately many autistic people are treated like not completely human or adult, and shielded from the world and all its ‘dangers’. If I wasn’t the outspoken, critical thinker that I am my best friend and I would never have gone to Paris on our own this spring.

  5. Lakon24 says:

    8:41 – Right fancy a bit of the old ruck and tuck, Danny dyers deadliest autistics

  6. AdvMineCraftTuts says:

    These people are absolutely retarded especially Tom’s little brother. Don’t treat him any differently because he’s Autistic. Also, he doesn’t have trouble learning he actually learns better, he just has trouble expelling what he’s learned to us.. I know this because I am in the same exact position right now with my Autism.

  7. ZoeOfficialUK says:

    @livingsocks — who tom??

  8. livingsocks says:

    2nd guy has the cutest lisp :D

  9. Alpha2point0 says:

    If tom changed his diet he would be a lot better

  10. Aerodynamic1991 says:

    I’m autistic 2 and weed opend/cured me , I stopt being shy and stuff, its like taking away your shy completely.

  11. millerboyization says:

    @manlytearsuk wats so funny bout it explain it

  12. ManlytearsUK says:

    This is some funny shit.

  13. jethrosesc says:

    I have Asperger’s and had it since I was 3 years old, still struggling to find girlfriend as well as sexual issues and others…

  14. rawrforbeans says:

    i wana dance >>:D with them

  15. freedomfriestastebad says:

    @KingTaco7 someone his age should not be drinking.

  16. Allyattackattack says:

    british kids party weird but the blonde guys bro is hotttttttt

  17. millerboyization says:

    i have autism called aspergers and social communication disorder but i do like socialising though i am getting better so im getting reassessed so i can get in the army but dont pick on people with autism its who they r and they cant help it and if u think u have autism speak 2 some1 bout it dont be ashamed.

  18. CDB8510 says:

    @KingTaco7: Society, as it is, is not conducive to true happiness. It is self-destructive and doomed.

    I consider Neurotypicals and their inane behavior to be largely irrelevent to me aside business and potential threatening situations.

  19. ribetacatcha says:

    @KingTaco7 I totally agree with you.

  20. ScotlandForever1986 says:

    @ScotlandForever1986 the freedom to learn and progress.

  21. ScotlandForever1986 says:

    I remember catching this on beeb 3. It confirmed a lot of my belief of how parents mollycoddle there aspergers kids and keep there level of function pretty low for someone with aspergers. Alex is the best example of this. Experiencing love at a Walt Disney level works a token job for buttons.

    His mum even admits she wants to keep him all to her self so he can take care of her. I seriously slap her in the face if i seen her. I have progressed up many levels of functioning. Because i was given

  22. Bubblytreasures says:

    @ValisFan4 ..you sir, are an asshole. and I live in America and trust me I love everyone for who they are. No matter what race you are. And no matter what you say, they are probably nicer than you

  23. Bubblytreasures says:

    I have a younger brother who is autistic and I still love him everyday!

  24. KingTaco7 says:

    @thelashers Haha, I don’t have autism and I get that too. Both from my mom and grandmother. It can be a bit embarrassing in public but all said and done it’s kind of nice to have someone who’s willing to baby you from time to time. After raising a child for 18-odd years it must be hard to see them as anything else.

  25. KingTaco7 says:

    @TheSipyCup I’m quite certain there’s no correlation between “bad” parenting and autism. As for their decision to let their son attend a party; he’s a relatively normal young man and they’re treating him as such, I fail to see a problem. Just because he has a mental disorder doesn’t mean he should be kept hidden away from the world and denied the opportunity to become a happy and functioning member of society. The same goes for the other two men featured in this documentary.

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