Pаrt 2

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25 Responses to “The Autistic Me part 2 of 6”
  1. chrisaira says:

    the blonde guy doesn’t seem autistic to me. He just seems like a moody teen with a social phobia (like me)

    the older one just seems clever and eccentric

    the geeky ones just a bit…geeky LOL

  2. Annique says:

    Denying children (and especially adolescents and adults) their privacy and freedom just because they’re ‘different’ in whatever way is truly appalling. Did she think that autists don’t need privacy? If anything I’d say privacy is a delight when your autistic, to have some time to withdraw in peace and quiet.

  3. amelitaz says:

    What a friggn bich, taking that letter away and isolating him further – great move mum.

  4. jaqdonn says:

    what is the mother doing taking the letter away.

  5. livingsocks says:

    @90kevigilante … or privacy. :(

  6. ZoeOfficialUK says:

    @benmawby1111 —– This is probably my most fave comment i’ve seen on here :) , Tom says thanks! hehe

  7. benmawby1111 says:

    i’m 26 and i fucking love sooty and heavy metal too man !!!! your a legend dude!!!!! keep shredding that guitar and you’ll end up in an awesome band and tour the world!!!!! best of luck :)

  8. fidds033 says:

    alex’s mom: you dont have to have a girlfriend
    alex: well im not having a boyfriend
    hahaaaa :D

  9. ManlytearsUK says:

    His brother is a cunt

  10. ManlytearsUK says:


    lol her

  11. LadyCocoa1234 says:

    I actually think Tom’s mum is relatively a good mum given the circumstances. I, too can also have mood swings like Tom and it must be very hard for the people involved to deal with it. Sure there can still be room for improvement but it could be a lot worse also.

  12. millerboyization says:

    his mum is saying she wants people 2 not laugh at him but yet shes giving them more reason 2 by saying he watches sooty theres nothing wrong with that but shes saying it in a voice which suggests it is im not surprised tom runs away and is fed up

  13. walkamongus666 says:

    why is she going down his bedroom thats bad shes a bit of a bitch tryin to baby him

  14. T3hTroll says:

    @90kevigilante he should hit his mum and blame it on his autism.

  15. thelashers says:

    @simonbuenosaires that’s what happens with people who have autisims parents. they believe that because they are diffrent that they can’t cope. i’m autisic but my mum has given me the freedom to do what i want and learn from my own mistakes. i agree tom’s mum should give him more freedom to be his own person and learn from what his own mistakes are

  16. Irenerz says:

    Alex is a very sweet guy

  17. LaBellaa1984 says:

    @90kevigilante his mother hates him and she is laughing at him, like she enjoys him being annoyed and ill and little.

  18. millerboyization says:

    wow my name is alex and i have aspergers and im looking 4 love and i have social communication disorder and i still live at home with my mum but i am only 16 wow so much in common

  19. CDB8510 says:

    @CristianOprisanu: Allot about what you are daying I am liking. His mother is half right about him out in the world, but completely naive about what to make about it:.

  20. Palanthol says:

    her mom is a cunt

  21. PinkPunkyKat says:

    I’d be pissed too if my mother went through my things in front of the entire world like Tom’s mother did.

  22. Bubblytreasures says:

    Alex is adorable :)
    but Tom’s mom is a b**ch, I am sorry but she has problems for going through his stuff

  23. VidHunter0518 says:

    I want to be friends with Tom. I don’t care if he threatens his father with a knife before, and hurts his mother, it’s his parents fault. God bless you Tom!

  24. CristianOprisanu says:

    Tom you must find your way. The way you see things and understand them, no one could possibly replace. This is your gift, and it comes with a price. From this you will grow buddy, you will learn things in this life, people wouldn’t dare to dream of knowing. It will be hard because you will be a lot on your own. Find people who understand you! Who are patient and caring enough to do that. The rest will be poison until you grow up to be a man. You are a blessing to this world. Take care now. Bye

  25. CristianOprisanu says:

    He hasn’t lost compassion, he’s just acting out what he feels to be getting from the world around. Lack of compassion. This young boy is filled with compassion for the world around him, and when he gets so little back, it’s only natural to hurt, and to feel awkward. And the cartoon’s he’s watching he likes them because they are innocent. There is a lot of fucking dirt in thins life as everyone might of noticed. For someone who’s sensitive is a lot harder to grow up. Assholes! Peace out! :)

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