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25 Responses to “The Black Balloon – Full Movie Part 8”
  1. jd90024 says:

    Gemma Ward is beautiful and CAN ACT!

  2. passnight says:

    Don’t you love it when a movie has a song that you haven’t heard in ages?

  3. omgloveyousomuch says:

    doesn’t thomas have like bits in his arm??

  4. gasmark3 says:

    @jmacrules1204 it was unplanned… remember the mum said to the husband he should’ve had a vasectomy

  5. bamboo94 says:

    @ZoesFishbowl94 yeah thats him i noticed it too ages ago

  6. ZoesFishbowl94 says:

    forgive me if i’m wrong but is the one that asks thomas if he’s okay when he sees his bruises from the programme bondi rescue?

  7. jmacrules1204 says:

    y would they bring a new baby into the home when the already have so much on their plate

  8. sprucemooselucy says:

    wow wee.

  9. TwiIightShadows says:

    this movie is amazing

  10. petalovespongy says:

    I really HATE that the parents expect so much of Thomas… Hello he is an adolecent also!!!!

  11. Alysa4eva says:

    When Thomas looked up and Charlie was there… saying good, Thomas, good i cried so hard.

  12. Alysa4eva says:

    When i watch this i cant help feeling scared that one day Thomas will be me…

  13. kinhainuzuka says:


  14. kinhainuzuka says:

    Ten film jest jednym z najlepszych jakie oglądałam w życiu. “This movie is one of the best which i’ve never seen in my life”

  15. Hem2Fiction says:

    @bluerosefaerie the neighbour looks like schapelle corby i recon

  16. sofiamore says:

    this movie has just become one of my favourite films out there.

  17. supersonic320 says:

    aaaaaaah bless thomas

  18. harryandys says:

    @minnie110 love bties

  19. Miaulagata says:

    hahaha hilarious!

  20. minnie110 says:

    hahaha “hickies?”

  21. co0kii says:

    hahaha “everyone else on the road is an idiot” is what my mum says!

  22. MarleyMeredith says:

    the australian people in this movie look wierd….

  23. rosiegsh says:

    at 6:50 what is it that charley is saying to tom? i have been able to keep up with most of the signing in the movie but this part has me stumped and it just such an outstanding moment for the pare of them as brothers, that i just really need to know whats said

  24. mormongal6 says:

    I like how this movie shows the full reality of the situation…thomas is a human, and can get mad..and it takes time to learn how to deal with charlie.

  25. kettturton says:


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