Pаrt 1 οf 2. Here іѕ ѕοmе selected clips frοm tһе British documentary οח Savantism.

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25 Responses to “The boy with the Incredible brain…. Savant autism Clip 1”
  1. Soundfrequency says:


    “He would just cry”




    This documentary isn’t exactly selling itself to me….

  2. sIdvIcIOUs032 says:

    we do use all parts of the brain but only a very low capacity of all those areas^^

  3. yvell says:

    I cried a lot and my grandma used that swinging in the blanket method. I am not autistic. What is number for him, letters are for me but not the numbers.

  4. pinoyako147 says:

    Yeah it’s not perfect. But considering what natural selection is, for humans to retain such an expensive organ without it having any use is against its basic premise.

  5. nikanj says:

    Yes this professor is related to Sacha Baron-Cohen. I studied some of his work in my undergrad :P .

  6. fatsomamacheese says:

    Natural selection isn’t perfect though. That’s why our breathing tube and our feeding tube are in the same area and we can only do one at a time. That’s why we have an apendix (sp?), etc.

  7. pinoyako147 says:

    Assuming you are right, the parts that are not being used would have been taken out by natural selection. The brain is a very energy-consuming organ. Why waste the body’s energy on dead areas? All areas are being used.

  8. fatsomamacheese says:

    “All parts of the brain is being used.”

    No, human beings do not use all of their brain. The 10% myth is untrue, but saying we “use” every bit of our brain is incorrect.

  9. krisnkris says:

    That’s really easy, my life right now.

  10. Trendywun says:

    I wish I was rain man……

  11. strelai says:

    i agree wth u!

  12. pinoyako147 says:

    I’d still choose my life now.

    The doctor in the video says that autistic savants have a disability in relating their social circumstances to others. That “loss” is the biggest part of my identity, and I would not choose to lose it.

    Which would you prefer? Your life now, or autistic savantism?

  13. pinoyako147 says:

    All parts of the brain is being used. It’s not “unused real estate.” Rather, its more like the brain is creating new soil to put its houses on.

    The human brain is profoundly adaptive. It can compensate damage and loss by letting neighboring neurons make new connections. It does not have a reserve of gray matter to take over.

    Consciousness and the brain are two separate entities. Your example proves this. Being separate means that it does not prove anything about the 10% argument.

  14. BMBaccount says:

    If you could choose between your life now and autistic savantism, what would you choose?

  15. fatsomamacheese says:

    Yes, people have retained consciousness after being shot in the head.

    I agree that it’s much more than the mythical 10%, but it’s still not anywhere close to the entire thing. Even when we sleep which is when it is most active as you say, although all parts may “light up”, there are still many areas that are not being utilized.

    This is why when someone DOES have massive brain trauma we have places it starts to use instead as it heals. It uses unused real estate basically.

  16. IG0Commando says:


  17. WizzardOfGlue says:

    alrighty >.>

  18. pinoyako147 says:

    Do you mean people retain consciousness even after being shot in the head? That is different from the brain. Based on what we know, the brain and our consciousness are two different things.

    It’s not a small percent of the brain that’s being used, it’s most of it. Even asleep, all of the brain’s parts show activity.

    That’s a long shot from a meager 10%. Don’t you think?

  19. fatsomamacheese says:

    You use a small percent, but it doesn’t mean that percent is all in the same spot…

    Parts of the brain CAN be removed without any problems. People have been shot in the head and survived before…

  20. Emmamoo says:

    Savantism is very interesting. However, I am astounded by the amount of people who think that autistic people are all savants or ‘they have a special gift.’ That really pees me off as a parent of a child with autism. Generalisation is such a media orientated thing.

  21. dreamscometrue30989 says:

    well its a pretty broad question to be honest. I mean someone can use 90 percent of their brain, but only 40 percent at a time etc. You see what i mean. But certainly more than 10 percent gets used. Thats not to say for everyone, but for most people i would think so.

  22. pavaoq10 says:

    If you used 100% Of your brain you would be able to move things with your mind. You would have telekenisis and a bunch of powers.

  23. pinoyako147 says:

    That 10% of the brain myth was propagated by psychics. It’s not true. As proof, a hemispherectomy or the removal of half the brain would leave a person half-paralyzed.

  24. WizzardOfGlue says:

    how much do you think we use?

  25. dreamscometrue30989 says:

    @WizzardOfGlue na that 10% of your brain used thing is bogus

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