UNINFORMED CONSENT, Washington DC. Rep. Dan Burton, Chair οf Gov Reform Committee comments οח vaccines аחԁ mercury ѕһοwіחɡ a video οf аח autistic child іח full melt down. – Followed bу Dr. Andrew Wakefield MD UK, well-respected scientist, whose discovery οf tһе vaccine strain measles virus іח tһе gut οf autistic children set οff аח international frenzy frοm public health authorities attempting tο marginalize Wakefield fοr tһеіr οwח irresponsibility іח refusing tο address tһеѕе issues wіtһ vaccines. Many believe public health authorities һаνе become fronts fοr bіɡ pharma wһο profit unlimited amounts frοm tһе illnesses produced bу tһе delivery οf contaminants contained іח vaccines Ɩіkе mercury (thimerisal). A collection οf tһе IOM Meeting called “Wһаt Really Happened аt tһе IOM?” аrе available іח DVD аt: www.uninformedconsent.org

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24 Responses to “The Cover-Up Ctte Gov Rfrm Investigat-Mercury/Vaccine/Autism”
  1. NaienaArygos says:

    My nephew is autistic, although we believe he’s been autistic since birth, my heart goes out to those families because I can relate to the problems they all face every day. We were lucky that my nephew’s autism is not as severe, he still has communication skills. I love him so much and I would do anything to take away this challenge, and it sickens me to think that these families had a chance at normalcy before the CDC took that away from them.

  2. 1freedomfighter11 says:

    google NWO, global 2000 report, John holdern eoscience, water floridation, they created the UN, trilateral commision, councel on forgn relations, they openly talked aboput using vaccinations, water and food as a means for population reduction.

  3. 1freedomfighter11 says:

    I cant wait for those responsable to pay for what they have done.

  4. freestylee19 says:

    this is truly TERRIBLE i get so sad watching this. so many shoots in one day cant be good for any child. awfull!! will NOT happend to my future childen. rember, JESUS loves you.

  5. CJEB4 says:

    My 5 yr old son is just like that boy, nonverbal, anxious, hurting, and begging for help. I cry everyday, and struggle to get people to listen to my story of how vaccines have caused this, but because I’m not a scientist I’m ridiculed and laughed at. This is genocide people, it happens in maine to one in seventy- six kids and rising, so for them to say there’s no mercury in vaccines is disgusting. The government is lying, not parents like me. What would we have to gain? How many more have died?

  6. MindMixMaster says:

    we are livig in a very sick world…

  7. aspieresearchmom says:

    Who is the idiot that put thimerosal in vaccines?

  8. cusanusnicolas says:

    And what about what the kids are going through? Or the adults who are trashed with meaningless diagnostics while the cause of their torment is swept under the rug.

  9. Nimbostratus1111 says:

    Inciting autism in these babies with these vaccines is worse than killing them. These poor kids and parents end up having lifetime of struggle and suffering. The CDC is the most dangerous and corrupt organization on this planet.

  10. dugmaze says:

    My son has similar meltdowns. How many of you had these meltdowns when you were children? Did you even know anyone who had these severe meltdowns?

    Where are all the autistic adults? According to the CDC, the rate of autism in 2003 was 1 in 150. That’s for children.
    Something serious is going on. Get involved, my son did.

  11. Rockguitarnow says:

    It sounds like the autistic child is saying

    “Heal me, heal me…,

    I don’t want it…,

    It’s on and on and on..”

  12. MCdmac says:

    There is a conspiracy, and as Former PResident Roosevelt said, the truth behind the conspiracy is So Monsterous, that it would be very difficult for any normal person to believe.
    The Top levels of the United States Government, is the modern Mafia operating as a Criminal Organization. Beleive It.!

  13. mikeosaki says:

    No conspiracy the truth is getting out Vaccine shots kill children.

  14. KittensRsoft says:

    It’s so sad for these poor babies, I think what these scientists and profit mongers have to fight with is the fact that mercury “seems” to have no affect on adult humans and so they have this idea that you should grow out of it probably, but once the damage is done it can take ages to grow up from that. There are vaccines that don’t have mercury in them, i know those are good for your children, but the ones that do, i refuse. Also, HFCS has mercury in it as well. ORGANIC FOOD ftw

  15. vaccineshurtbabies says:

    Watch the youtube video “CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism“. When watching this video, it becomes rather obvious that this whole vaccine business is an organised criminal enterprise.

  16. dgontar says:


  17. spring1978ukma says:

    THIS is the governments plans besides dumbing our children down in school or giving them anti-depressants. If they can’t do it one way, they will do it another! Keep YOUR kids safe, the government WON’T do it for you.

  18. juserphx says:

    That is crushing and heartbreaking to watch what they did to that poor innocent child. I couldn’t imagine that happening to my child I think I would cry forever. I really can’t believe what those sick psychopaths did to destroy that poor child’s mind. I wish he may recover but sadly it doesn’t look good. Thanks Dan Burton. Truth Rising.

  19. juserphx says:

    Down with vaccines and the evil bastards who issue them. Down with the sick soul-less creatures who feel they can destroy everyone they want, even Dan Burton’s poor grandchild. And yes this was 2002 and it’s only gotten much worse with requirements and recommendations and they have no remorse.
    Knowledge is finally now amassing and reaching a turning point. thank god. Truth Rising.

  20. foxdiemercuryvaccine says:

    this is so sad…

  21. pngcrdss says:

    This was 2002…nothing has been done to remove this poison from vaccines yet. Who is on the FDA and the CDC? Hitler’s evil scientists who experimented on humans? YES, they are one and the same.

  22. passwordthisasspart2 says:

    Autism is caused by vaccination nearly 100 % of the time !

  23. heatherann10880 says:

    I am so sad for our children. What have we done…

  24. TheRightToKnow says:

    ProjectHelpHealChase – posted 01/31/08
    WOW! This is exactly what people need to hear…the truth! Someone who speaks the TRUTH!!! Thank you Dan Burton. It seems someone in Government is not corrupt. Thank you for fighting for our kids.

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