Health authorities claim vaccines аrе safe аחԁ tһаt tһеу prevent infectious diseases. Yеt tһеѕе claims аrе contradicted bу statistics аחԁ medical studies. Tһе HPV vaccine fοr girls іѕ very ԁаחɡеrουѕ! truthaboutgardasi…

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25 Responses to “The Dangers of Vaccines – Part 1 (MMR HPV Autism Gardasil Swine Flu H1N1Thimerosal)”
  1. iAMr3VOLution1 says:

    @zbjordan23 suit yourself. Hope that Mercury doesn’t do too much damage to your brain.

  2. zbjordan23 says:


    lol..yes…I am indoctrinated by years of PEER reviewed studies. Yes, I am indoctrinated by the hundreds of patients I see that get vaccines and nothing happens. Yes, am indoctrinated by the statistics that diseases like Rubella which use to kill HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS a year are no longer are even relevant. Maybe you stop to think for a minute and think rationally you might tend to agree…Gee 100,000 kids dead of rubella or 20 kids who get vaccine side effects. Do the math.

  3. iAMr3VOLution1 says:

    @zbjordan23 dude you totally indoctrinated, whatever information, if any, you have is Wrong. dead wrong. how could you be so stupid. MERCURY IS TOXIC. very f**ckn toxic. DO YOU WANT THAT IN YOUR BODY?? your reading studies that apparently were funded by the same companies who produce the vaccines themselves. do your f**kn research man, its not that hard to know that we do NOT want to be injecting ourselves with that shit.

  4. zbjordan23 says:


    Yes I know…and 9/11 was an inside job, elvis is still alive, and an alien spacecraft landed in roswell.

  5. HealthRanger7 says:

    @zbjordan23 All infectious diseases were in seriuos decline BEFORE vaccinations ever started!

    Vaccines are part of a bigger, hidden agenda to dumb down society, to create diseases (which can then be treated with highly profitable pharmaceutical drugs) as well as for depopulation. Bill Gates recently admitted this.
    Search on YouTube for: bill gates vaccines depopulation

    Please also watch the film ‘Wake Up Call’ (among my favorites and playlists) to learn more about this bigger agenda.

  6. zbjordan23 says:


    so i guess your fine if polio makes a comeback, if smallpox makes a comeback, if hundreds of thousands of kids a year get whooping cough just as long as the rare few who get side effects are protected…sacrifice the majority for the benefite of the few…makes total sense to me.

  7. HealthRanger7 says:

    @zbjordan23 Please watch my Playlist titled ‘The dangers of Vaccines’ to find out more what independent (meaning: non-industry paid) experts and doctors have to say about vaccines.

    There is much more than meets the eye!

    The children who contract infectious diseases are usually the ones that have already been vaccinated!

  8. zbjordan23 says:

    lol…the dangers of vaccines…polio now…GONE…rubella now…GONE…30,000 kids died each year from Hib…now…GONE…how many people die each year from vaccinations vs. how died or were debilated by the actual diseases themselves. Irrational people in the internet somehow think they are smart…lol

  9. holirealism says:

    some vaccines are GOOD, but yes some of them can be of the good ones..the polio vaccine..thank gahd

  10. ZodiacSystem says:

    Very educational
    Thanks for the video

  11. michael0156 says:

    Big Pharma used technology to reduce mfg costs & pocketed the savings. Cost cutting measures like preservatives, adjuvants & making antigen with gene altered bacteria add toxins to vaccines that are injuring kids. This needs to stop.
    The primary concern of Big Pharma should be children’s health, not money. FDA/CDC instead of protecting the public’s interests help Big Pharma profits by approving/mandating more unecessary vaccines
    Toxin-free vaccines are needed

  12. michael0156 says:

    Stumpy without evidence, avoiding taking a position at all, merely throwing stones at other’s postings.
    Still waiting for your 2 best pieces of evidence stump. I exposed 1/3 of your 24 studies as irrelevant/fraudulent. Still gave you the chance to pick the best 2 from the 16 remaining, but you just lie & run away. You and your shill husband need to stop lying/deceiving/deflecting
    Vaccine toxins are the only known correlation to autism, the primary cause of all side effects
    Stop Hurting Kids

  13. michael0156 says:

    2 pieces of evidence stump on any of the following. Include lead authors, funding, sponsoring institutions, conflicts, summary, conclusions to show you have read them
    1. HPV causes cancer
    2.Gardasil is effective
    3. Vaccine toxins have been clinically studied for the effects of injection

    Stump claims to have repeated herself. She repeats lies. She ignores 8 studies I exposed from her list of 24. I still want her to pick the 2 best from those remaining, but she continues to lie/deflect/dodge

  14. FromDimmuLand says:

    ‘They’ have managed to ‘hide’ them self in the History it self..
    The Neanderthal man did not just die out, ‘they’killed them like they have did with other civilizations, that is why you hear all this nonsense about the 1st world, the 2nd World etc. It is exactly that, ‘they’ kill of entire Civ’s when the time is right for ‘them’.

  15. FromDimmuLand says:

    @Cab52007 I know you will not believe this either:
    These ‘people in charge’ has been here alot longer than we are told, that is why they make up history for us in school.

  16. RandyBful1 says:

    So nice to see a fellow human being waking up. Once you ‘get’ it, it’s so obvious, isn’t it? I read food labels every day and every day I see more GMO crap in more products. I was eating Lay’s original potato chips because they were cooked in ‘Sunflower oil”. Just recently, I noticed they changed it to “vegetable” oil, which for sure is GM corn, soy or canola. It’s obvious. There would have been no need to change it, otherwise. Monsanto is pure evil!

  17. AronGoch says:

    Are they also showing subliminal chem trails in the news back drop ? it seems to be through out the video.

  18. HealthRanger7 says:

    Vaccines are part of a bigger, hidden agenda to dumb down society, to create diseases (which can then be treated with highly profitable pharmaceutical drugs) as well as for depopulation.

    Check out my playlist ‘The Dangers of Vaccines’ to see what experts say about vaccines.

    In one of those videos Bill Gates admits that vaccines are used to depopulate the world population…

    Please watch the film ‘Wake Up Call’ (among my favorites and playlists) to learn more about this

  19. Cab52007 says:

    @xxBoycottIsraelxx Its funny, a while ago I though people with opinions like yourself are total crackpot fruitcakes. But once you realise all about social conditioning/programming and how you are manipulated everyday by the media… you start to go deeper into the rabit hole, and realise that the things that you are told are true… actually turn out to be completely opposite. Swine flu, 9/11, what actually goes into your food etc
    People that dismiss it are just not ready for the truth yet IMO

  20. xxBoycottIsraelxx says:

    thats why i didnt take them…thank god

  21. xxBoycottIsraelxx says:

    illuminati are govenments want to kill your babies…they want to kill us…wakeup people

  22. batigol47 says:


  23. pondman27 says:

    And as it passes through, it destroys living cells in all places it reaches. The purging of the poison, the body has recognised a poison & seeks its absence because of cell morbidity. Ofcourse at teh same time, the brain is reducing neuronal links as the nerve wall disintegrates at an amazing rate.
    The only fear deployed here, are the notions that people will get sick if they take this snake excrement.

  24. pondman27 says:

    A little truth that you should be aware of, that I have intimate knowledge of. A pregnant mother, that did not want a prophalactic treatment for fear of problems with the unborn child was exposed to conserted high pressure psychological manipulation, her refusal to which (they subsequently admitted) was the removal of the baby upon birth!.
    People are NOT given full disclosure as to the risks SCAREMENGA.

  25. scaremenga says:

    What can I extract out of this? Maybe that these women weren’t forced to take it, and that their choice to take it resulted in a miscarriage? I don’t know what to say, unless they shoved the Cod’s liver oil down their throats and threatened their lives. How’s that a conspiracy? Obviously since you obtained this “information” it’s not very well hidden.

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