Here's tһе ѕtοrу — well, tһе first five years — іח tһе life οf Quinn: a wonderful, exuberant, mostly non-verbal boy wіtһ autism. Yου саח see һοw tһе signs appeared over time, even before һіѕ diagnosis wаѕ mаԁе аt 21 months. *** Teachers/schools/community service groups: Yου mау υѕе tһіѕ video аѕ раrt οf autism awareness οr positive educational training. Nο additional permission іѕ required. (I саח provide a higher-resolution version іf needed.) * TO THE HATERS: Quinn ԁіԁ חοt watch TV fοr hours each day. Hе learned tһе credits mostly frοm tһе DVD boxes tһаt һе carried wіtһ һіm everywhere. (Aחԁ іf уου want tο leave a rude/arrogant/stupid/mean comment… well, I'd suggest уου worry less аbουt mу parenting skills аחԁ more аbουt those οf уουr οwח mom аחԁ dad.) NOTE: Unfortunately, I חο longer һаνе tһе domain name mentioned іח tһе video — ѕο I һаνе חο іԁеа wһаt mіɡһt еחԁ up οח tһеrе. Sorry. Music ("Ma Solituda") bу Rob Dickinson/Catherine Wheel (

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25 Responses to “The face of autism”
  1. KaptainKritter says:

    Beautiful. I can tell how much you love him. My friend has a son with autism and they went through a lot. Eventually, they found the Son-Rise Program, which totally transformed them, so I’m a big advocate now. Your video brings to mind the philosophy they are based on: unconditional love, acceptance, not judging the childs autistic behaviors as something negative. They have some videos they just sent me comparing this philosophy to the standard ABA treatment- search under: “parental choice aba”

  2. mrsam1999 says:

    How can staking or lining things up indicate autism ? As adults, me and my friends love staking up playcards to form the tallest structure this autism too ? This requires heavy concentration !!

  3. TheApt1 says:

    Beautiful Video, I t reminds me so much of my seven year old who has autism. Thanks for sharing.

  4. quotefork says:

    Those with autism do appear to be perfectly normal. There aren’t really any physical symptoms of autism, so you can’t tell somebody has it by looking at them.

  5. quotefork says:

    I’m pretty sure that all these pictures are barely the tip of the iceburg. There is a lot that you and I don’t know about this child, so I suggest holding off on your shoot-down of the diagnosis.

  6. quotefork says:

    Good questions– there are no actual physical indicators of having autism. It’s sort of complicated, really, but if you google autism you’ll find more information.

  7. quotefork says:

    It would be called disability discrimination or disability harassment; as far as I know there’s not actually a one-word term for the act of discriminating against those who have disabilities. Good question, though.

  8. quotefork says:

    :) Thanks for using first-person language. :)

  9. enonemousone says:

    Thank you for sharing your little Quinn with us. He is adorable.

  10. Vascomi69 says:

    you’re a dumbass.
    yes there are alot of things that shouldn’t be qualified as a disease, but this is serious.

  11. museumtowerr says:

    God Bless you :) u have a beautiful son

  12. LizziF019 says:

    @seb6leal please do research before putting a comment like that.

  13. william3864 says:

    I’m from the Philippines and my son have austism. He is 8, and we still have a long journey ahead of us.

  14. EB3media says:

    What a sweet beautiful boy! Is he still non-verbal? Our son is 6 and non-verbal but we have hope!! xx

  15. Familiesworld1 says:

    What a wonderful and charming boy. He is not handycapped – he is just different.

    When I saw your film I had a warm glow for him in my heart.

    People with autism can teach us to look with “their eyes”. We cannot slip in their world but we should be very proud if they allow us to share it with them for a short period of time.

  16. AZmetHARTenZIEL says:

    People with autism aren’t sick or ill… They are just.. different.

  17. AnnoyingAsianWitch says:

    He’s a special boy and I bet he’ll do great things. Einstein had autism too but on a milder spectrum. For all you know, he’ll go into the movie business one day ^^

    My elder brother is autistic too and I love him to bits. He used to remember all the places in a map or flags of every country. Nowadays, my big sis (eldest), him and I, we enjoy talking about TvTropes which he introduced to us.

    I’m surprised there r haters tho X(

  18. Doommaster1994 says:

    I got autism. Hopefully your son is still alive. From the sounds of things to me it sounds like he died or something. Us autistics are truly special people :)

  19. spiderhomer1 says:

    I have autism and I’m also high functional. My little half brothers autistic too and I love him.

  20. mikisuchan says:

    Good luck, it takes A LOT to make that decision. I wish you and your family all the best.

  21. mikisuchan says:

    He is beautiful. This video really touched my heart.

  22. CharityGrace87 says:

    Very cute

  23. kgaccount says:

    An accurate diagnosis of autism is based on lengthy observation of communication, behavior, and developmental levels. Bcause many behaviors associated with autism are shared by other disorders, medical tests are can rule out or identify other causes. professionals have misdiagnosed autism.”…, a 5 year old Canadian boy diagnosed with severe autism was cured…later the true cause of his autism was discovered to be celiac disease.

  24. hotelmario510 says:

    We are all slightly autistic. Just imagine a long, long bar chart with everyone on it. Some of us have more autism than others.

  25. chedekawoman says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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