FART !!!

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25 Responses to “The longest Fart ever ( Der längste Furz in der Geschichte )”
  1. legendlunar says:

    not gonna lie that must have felt nice

  2. HsojTAN says:

    @00wkee ok fag

  3. CrazyCaramele says:

  4. korkor00123 says:

    Kinda Gross But Halirous

  5. 00wkee says:

    its just a balloon ..

  6. TheMrbenjamin72 says:

    hehehahahahhahahahahahhaha…. WOW! you’ve got talent!

  7. travelplus1 says:

    what color of underwear did you fart in?

  8. La7makina says:

    what a load of shit!

  9. Rocky390 says:

    gayest bed sheets ive ever seen lol sausage fest 8 guys in 1 room with a guys ass up in the air…. hmm what does that tell u?? lol xD

  10. lobowlfgang2008 says:

    Creo que tambien le salieron algunos trozos

  11. willcitoman97 says:


  12. xllChristianllx says:

    1 Fart can save you 15 percent on car Fuel..

  13. panter244 says:

    Fake? Can be?

  14. 9429demon says:

    how are you single

  15. weedman2111 says:


  16. habbofanboy110 says:


  17. silver760 says:

    From the sound of it he had a “lump” in his “Throat” !!!

  18. 3000tonie says:

    THATS IT ?

  19. 222hah says:

    twoi koledy wąchale twoj pierd i co smierdzialo ja bym tez powachal nagraj jeszcze troche filmikow

  20. WHITECHAPEL322 says:

    notice how no one reacts to the smell…

  21. Yazuac23 says:

    @watergirl28 oh yes this is exactly what guys do when there are no girls around

  22. blach942 says:

    o my god shit men that whz cool :D

  23. Kingemul89 says:

    stop using balloons to imitate farts -.-

  24. watergirl28 says:

    so this is what guys do when there are no girls around XD

  25. SuperSexygrl123 says:

    That was a Balloon. Duqhh.

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