Nеw Autism Vids Soon!

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25 Responses to “The One(s) I Love (David Gray)”
  1. deleahmarie says:

    you’re a man to be honered and highly respected. i know you think you were just doing what you were suppose to do as a parent. i have this determination but i was so obsessed with curing the problem just to get some relief, and now i am seeing that it’s not about me. it is about ending my child’s suffering. i couldn’t see that before and i don’t know why but i feel so guilty and horrible about it.

  2. hopethb says:

    I enjoyed watching the video, I am happy to see Jake recovery he is so happy and
    I am so happy to see that. God bless you the hard work you and your family did. those of us only can imagin to get where
    you are right now.
    Eventhough my child is happy kid one day we will over come his speech delay.
    beautiful family.

  3. raecelestek says:

    & good vid by the way~ur very creative

  4. raecelestek says:

    i know “this year’s love” has been wayyyy overplayed, but it’s still my fave. they always stick it in a movie during a hot makeout scene or something …

    and “babylon” is such an airy, fresh, simple song i love too.

  5. Happyautism says:

    hey phill, lovely vid, very vibrant and energetic!

  6. Dallasyourock says:

    I loved rolling down hills as a child. When my son was being worked up by the OT for his sensory issues my mom even mentioned that I used to wrap myself up in blankets and roll myself down the basement steps. Such fun! This video is beautiful, by the way.

  7. diane189444 says:

    I smiled watching this. I use to do this when I was a kid…nothing like rolling down the hills
    I love the way you think. Thank you beautiful video.

    wow you are amazing…good man..Thank you for being you

  8. unitedmonkie says:

    soooo sweet :)

    (im a huge david gray fan,myself!!)

  9. musichalloffame says:

    That video looked like it was just pure joy. I just smiled right through it!

  10. alextherandomer says:

    good video, good song, glad you offered it as a video response

  11. PhilCommander2 says:

    Thanks Chris!
    I saw D. Gray recently in NY and he absolutely was incredible.
    Just wish he had the same success in the USA that he does elsewhere.
    Major fan here…thanks for accepting it as a response :)

  12. thewildeman2 says:

    Well done!

  13. CrazyChris175 says:

    This is fantastic; thanks for submitting it as a video response! =]


  14. nyprincess10001 says:

    Nice :0)

  15. PhilCommander2 says:


  16. PhilCommander2 says:

    Thanks! how about uploading more videos on your art and just videos in general!!!! come on girl, do some videos!

  17. PhilCommander2 says:

    I had a BLAST doing this vid! Thanks :)

  18. PhilCommander2 says:

    Thank you so much. I enjoy all of your vids and keep posting them. I watch them all. We see eye to eye (and not an owls eye) on a lot of things.

  19. PhilCommander2 says:

    yeah, we caught that on the way to the park where the kids decided to roll down a big hill (fort mott park).
    and you called it my man…chinatown in philly…kids loved it!

  20. jon2xu says:

    cool vid. Whats up with the S.U.V. or jeep that caught on fire? The fire crackers at the end, thats chinatown philly ?

  21. MzTruthSeerUK says:

    Every part of this video spoke of love the song the smiles on the children’s faces the camera really caught the happiness of your family – your son is doing so well – you are a good person and a great dad!

  22. jdawgsworld says:

    reaches out and touches me…

  23. harminygrits says:

    made me cry..don’t know why :)

  24. DeityofStuff says:

    Lovely video. Thank you- this should be the official music video for this song because it’s so well made and establishes the point of the song (even though I don’t listen to David Gray).

    I think I’ll re-upload my RHCP video of Glasgow because of this :)

  25. JoviGirl2 says:

    Cool :-)

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