Tһіѕ animated film tells tһе ѕtοrу οf аח American family tһаt moves tο South Africa іח tһе 1970′s іח tһе midst οf apartheid. Appalled, tһеу eventually become involved іח tһе anti-apartheid struggle. Filmmakers Biography: Adrian Esposito іѕ аח 18 year οƖԁ filmmaker wіtһ Aspergers Syndrome, a disability οח tһе Autism Spectrum οf Disorders. Hе һаѕ several film projects tο һіѕ credit. Hе co-produced аחԁ starred іח Different аחԁ Normal—Mу Life wіtһ Aspergers Syndrome wһісһ wаѕ shown οח WXXI TV οח Jan 18, 2007. Hе аƖѕο сrеаtеԁ аחԁ narrated tһе animated short film, Tһе South Africa Stand, wһісһ wаѕ shown аt tһе LіttƖе Theater іח Rochester NY οח Feb 26, 2007 аחԁ tһе Arts аחԁ Education—Common Ground Conference March 30th 2007 іח Rochester NY. Fοr һіѕ films, Adrian Ɩіkеѕ tο focus οח topics concerning human rights violations аחԁ issues. Adrian іѕ currently a student іח tһе Monroe #1 BOCES EMCC Radio аחԁ Television production program.

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25 Responses to “The South Africa Stand”
  1. 2befearless says:

    Takes much longer than that. And, anger fuels a lot of things, not just in yourself, in those you influence. Reverse racism exists MOST in people who have no idea why they are angry. Patience and understanding are what heals, on all sides. For this important topic I defer to the Beatles, and peacelovers. ~ k

  2. 2befearless says:

    It’s good to take action, Adrian, and make things happen. Nice job.

  3. Amoneth says:

    peoples war! peoples war!

  4. Amoneth says:

    Sort of a People’s War in Africa. If Apartheid continues back then, perhaps Africans would end up forcibly attack it against Afrikaners, remember that era includes conflicts in Nanibia, in Mozambique, in Angola.

  5. tsfkarc says:



    oh wait the niggers took it over now

  6. ColosiR says:

    As you can see, you get some ignorant comments on YouTube. Don’t let the negative comments take away from the fact that this is great work! You thought of a great story that has a great message within a historical context. It’s really excellent for your first time doing this and you should be proud of your work! Keep it up!

  7. yougxxx says:

    wcapetown – See your in the states?…

  8. wcapetown says:

    this is a contemptible thing to write

  9. ae44 says:

    I’m am totally with you on this one. Your encouragment is well received after all of the looney comments I have received.

  10. wcapetown says:

    ummm, what? I don’t even know where to begin…’more white people died under apartheid than black people’…?/???
    this is just about the most ludicrous thing I have ever read–its right up there with holocaust denial.

  11. wcapetown says:

    i really hope the ’1985′ refers to your birth year which would mean you have a few years ahead of you to shift your bigoted perceptions, and that ‘london’ refers to where you currently live because your type of thinking is not needed in South Africa. And as a ps, I have many Afrikaans friends, who feel nothing but the deepest shame to have their culture associated with apartheid….read some breytenbach and educate yourself!

  12. wcapetown says:

    benlondon, again your ignorance (sigh)–Mandela went to a Fort Hare, a black university, with inferior facilities to most white universities–just another thing that makes his extraordinary vision of non-racialism all the more commendable. something for you to think about….

  13. wcapetown says:

    ae44-the thanks are mine for taking the time to put this video together–please ignore the comments from these racists–the people writing them clearly experienced incredibly advantage from apartheid and have not quite settled into the notion that opportunity is earned not automatically granted on the basis of skin.

  14. ae44 says:

    Thanks wcapetown, I could not have said this better myself. I have taken a “hit” on this piece, but it proves my point about the racism that is still prevalent and not recognized because it is so ingrained.

  15. wcapetown says:

    i certainly hope that the 1985 in your name refers to the year of your birth because it would mean you have some time ahead of you to develop a better moral compass if not a slightly better read brain, and that the ‘london’ refers to you current residence because we certainly don’t need your thinking, your bigotry, or your lack of moral fiber in our country

  16. wcapetown says:

    its rare to be confronted with this level of ignorance and stupidity. benlondon-I grew up in south africa-under apartheid, there is nothing in this video that is remotely inaccurate.Your woeful lack of understanding of apartheid (or its 300 year old predecessor colonialism) would be forgivable if you didn’t flaunt it with quite as much glee.

  17. benlondon1985 says:

    thank you for posting my side of the story. I am sure that you have a valid point about apartheid and i can assure you i don’t agree with apartheid. My aim is to make people see that apartheid can not be blamed for everything wrong in south africa. it is time that evryone looked past skin colour and accept that errors have been made and errors are still being made.

  18. ae44 says:

    Thanks ben london; you certainly have a lot to say. I hope it helps viewers decide for themselves.

  19. benlondon1985 says:

    after speaking to quite a few old souls who worked for white people during appartheid, i heard the same thing from all of them. they all agreed that life was easier during appartheid and they weren’t as poor then as they are now. we were the only country who paid our workers accordingly. countries like the us and uk used them as slaves and paid them nothing.

  20. benlondon1985 says:

    even now,in this day and age, they still blame appartheid for everything that they can not do. they have had all the opportunities that white people had during appartheid, like going to university etc but they decided it would be easier to burn the university down. Mandela went to a white university during apartheid, did you know? i guess not because you dont know the facts.

  21. benlondon1985 says:

    Atleast 2 years to unprogram a belief? then tell me,why are black people still blaming appartheid and whites for their “lack of education” “poverty” etc after all these years? they have had enough time and opportunity to build themselves up, but yet when asked why have you failed, they blame appartheid.

  22. benlondon1985 says:

    this is exactly where you show your ignorance. you are directly inciting hatred towards afrikaans people by showing one side of the story and justifying it as right. why not show an alternative side ie. from the afrikaans point of view? that way we would be able to make our own decisions on racism.

  23. ae44 says:

    I think that when there is long standing racism and abuse a correction that may be unpleasant usually comes. White’s have always cried the reverse racism slogan when things finally turn the corner. Take a look at your own thinking on this; it takes at least two years to unprogram a belief.

  24. benlondon1985 says:

    but what about the racism on white people? as i said before, more white people died during apartheid than black people. we are slowly being killed because people like you justify the killing of white people. take another look at your video. you clearly have no idea what is going on.

  25. ae44 says:

    This is not the first time I have gotten a nasty response from you people. My intent was not to start a genocide on white Afrikaans but for Black South Africans to fight back aganst racism.

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