Tһе Foundation Block οf Healing

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7 Responses to “The Specific Carbohydrate Diet”
  1. DryBONESreborn says:

    What about people who get colitis years later? 0o I had all my shots and never had colitis when I was little. :( Only till I hit 23.

  2. DryBONESreborn says:

    @GATORWM1998 :( I heard they debunked the link between autism and vaccines. But I think maybe it’s maybe a MAP virus. Who knows maybe the virus goes to the brain. Been trying to find a natural cure for colitis. My best wishes for you.

  3. tommyk77 says:

    @GATORWM1998 Fool

  4. moonprincess3331 says:

    I wish she had put the full show on. We all want to hear how he got better. Please tell us the end of the story!!

  5. GATORWM1998 says:

    I am a clinical pharmacist with a doctorate in pharmacy.
    Believe it or not the wonderful federal government wants
    pharmacists to administer vaccines. As a Crohns patient
    myself, I believe autism AND other diseases such as
    type 1 Diabetes are connected to vaccines. The government knowingly is destroying all of us…
    Our food supply is the US is contaminated. When I
    travel abroad, I have NO SYMPTOMS. I know autism
    is not crohns, trust me this is connected.
    Check Dr Doris Rapps work. good luck

  6. 70fury3 says:

    Why did you cut this short? What happened next…

  7. sans15 says:

    Agreed Elaine should be on the Canadian dollar.
    Ms. E. Gottschall is still my hero. If not for Her my failed attempted suicide would have been a success.
    Your poor Alex, He couldn’t tell you what He needed.

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