A video аbουt mу severely autistic son Benton аחԁ a taste οf wһаt living wіtһ аח autistic іѕ truly Ɩіkе

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25 Responses to “The True Face of Autism”
  1. ardentimage says:

    My son is also Autistic and doesn’t speak. Does your son comprehend what you’re saying to him and recognize and respond to language and others communicating to him? Mine is not there yet, but I believe making progress through therapy.

  2. fishnchipsboy says:


  3. fishnchipsboy says:

    @Cattywompusx ur the dumbfuck if u cant talk and u have “AUTISM” THEN UR SEVERE AUTISTIC FOOL

  4. beatsbabe says:

    bless, hang on in there, hopefully one day you will see some real progress on speech. ym son has autism too so understand what your going through xx

  5. sabihup says:

    Good luck guys….god bless you

  6. emretje12 says:

    So, he is autism. What does he do?

  7. ducky56789 says:

    @Cattywompusx idiot

  8. Konnerdad says:

    Your video brought me to tears my little 3 yr old is autistic and I know it’s not an easy road, nut I wouldn’t trade my angel for anything.

  9. shellypie88ie says:

    @daalhoffarm x

  10. shellypie88ie says:

    @daalhoffarm you must be so proud, you are doing a wonderful job, my 14 year old son helps me care for my 4 yr old autistic daughter, you are a great and patient kid if you can do this job. . big pat on the back from me , a mammy of a beautiful autistic girl, and i am so proud of my boy who helps me. . take care pet x

  11. gdonavin says:

    beautiful video….god bless you and hang in there. My son is autistic but does communicate. I can only imagine the everyday struggle. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Cattywompusx says:

    He’s not autistic, he’s artistic dumb dumb!

  13. Cattywompusx says:


  14. Techno0Babee says:

    this is beautifull, my brother aged 8 dosnt talk , nor dress nor eat nor undertsand things like hot or cold thingss he should and shouldnt do0,
    and i hate it because they lo0k normal, they cop alot from the cummunity we have been yelled at by others to0 “controll your missbihaving kid” when its not his fault.

    ur sons beautifull… this is grate x

  15. 67nairb says:

    @emeraldsunsets You have my deepest sympathies.

  16. emeraldsunsets says:

    Aspies can talk
    Severe autistics can’t

  17. 67nairb says:

    @emeraldsunsets Can he talk?

  18. autismepure says:

    He’s beautiful!!
    i heave also a big behind head.. like your son has.
    i heave asperger syndrome.
    RESPECT to al autistic fammilies!

  19. autismepure says:

    He’s beautiful!!
    i heave also a big behind head.. like your son has.
    i heave asperger syndrome.
    RESPECT to al autistic fammilies!

  20. daalhoffarm says:

    hellow i am 15 years old,
    my brother has autism
    He is 7 years old and can not talk.
    I have 6 days a week to babysit him.
    i love him <3 <3
    respect for all autustic family’s!!


  21. averysmama379 says:

    thank you for posting this, your son is sooo cute! I am 14 and i babysit a 3 year-old autistic boy 3 times a week, i just love it he is sooo much fun, although he cant talk he makes you smile all the time. alot of people don’t understand, autism is not a disease but it is a gift from god!

  22. markzmen09 says:

    this is sweet, brought tears to my eyes.

  23. fluffycabbage says:

    You have a beautiful son there :)

  24. Cosmos8373 says:

    Hi Aspie, autistic children have hard time to get ride off the mercury and the lead on their own, their bodies are not working like typical bodies that is why for autistic children you need to help the body to clean itself that it can work properly ,The chelation is a great way.Also we treat OCD, ADD, ADHD the same way. B12 shot helps very much also, fish oil for attention..

  25. Cosmos8373 says:

    Hi CJEB4 I want to tell you that my son is also making huge progress with the chelation suppository, he is now pointing and babbling much more, I am so happy to know that it works for you too:-) Autism is not a sickness. When you have an intoxicated body,it causes abdormal behaviors because the immune system can’t clean the body on its own so you need to detoxicate in order for it to function normally.The chelationhas removed a lot of lead and mercury from my son’s body,the results are amazing!

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