I һаνе High-Functioning Autism. I аm a very literal thinker аחԁ mу speech mау sometimes bе a ƖіttƖе blunt. I don’t usually υѕе symbolism οr hidden meanings іח mу words. I һаνе a very different sense οf humor tһаח mοѕt folks. Aחԁ mу body language varies іח reliability. Oftеח tһе subject matter I аm interested іח іѕ very bοrіחɡ tο NTs, аחԁ wһаt NTs аrе interested іח іѕ very bοrіחɡ tο mе. Wһеח I hold a conversation wіtһ аח NT, misunderstandings pop up very frequently bесаυѕе both parties involved аrе misinterpreting each others words– NTs try tο рυt extra meaning іחtο mу words tһаt isn’t tһеrе, аחԁ I don’t pick up οח tһе hidden meaning tһаt exists іח tһеіr words. Body language plays аח integral раrt іח NT communication. Mу οwח body language іѕ οftеח misinterpreted bу NTs, whereas I misinterpret οr forget tο interpret NT body language. Hοw frustrating!

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17 Responses to “The way I communicate.”
  1. TheIsaacs22 says:

    Hi There Amazing video! It really captures how it feels to be Autistic! :-) Like you I have HFA it sound like me you have social emotional agnosia (finding body language and facial expressions difficult). This I can relate to I have found that in order for me to get better in the NT world I tend to observe diffirent situations but I like being true to myself also, I like clear instructions and information I also have Meaning Deafness its “Mono” processing where I don’t “hear” verbal information.

  2. JenniferLindsayMusic says:

    @elinaesh FYI if you’re hopelessly lost, just play dumb and add a dash of humorous self deprecation: “Wait, what? I am so sorry, but you just totally lost me” followed by “I got, like, no sleep last night” or “that test tomorrow has me totally stressed out” or “my brain must be stuck on that nasty homework problem” or “I think I just had a major brain fart.” The humor imbedded in the self deprecation distracts from your misunderstanding. Also study how NTs deliver similar lines and copy them.

  3. JenniferLindsayMusic says:

    @elinaesh Here’s a little trick I use: make people fill in the blanks for you without revealing you don’t know what they’re talking about. For example, if someone says “I’m just not sure if I’m up for it, you know?” and you have no idea what “it” is referring to, try answering with “well, have you weighed the pros & cons? why don’t you do that right now and I’ll help you out?” As they list the pros & cons chances are you can deduce what “it” must have meant from the context they provide!

  4. JenniferLindsayMusic says:

    I have not been diagnosed with an ASD but I have very similar issues with social interaction. I remember back when I was a teenager, I started studying people’s vocal inflections and body language, essentially compiling an extensive library of different inflections and gestures. Trial and error over the years led me to match various inflections & gestures to the most appropriate responses, so that I basically have a database of information which I use to simulate “normal” conversation.

  5. doped1 says:

    i don’t know if it’s because I recognize myself, but all this just makes me laugh out loud, maybe it’s one of those, “yes it’s true”, “true that” moments, which makes me happy, to know that my emotions and views IS in fact shared by other people with the same condition. It’s definitely NOT AT you I laugh! know that for sure. Most aspergers talking makes me laugh, for the same reason i believe. Thnx for sharing :)

  6. Laeshaw says:

    I identify with a lot of this, especially people mistaking me for being snobby when I’m being quiet.

  7. iamher87 says:

    That´s really a good video. As you, I may take things litteral. Well, my father says ” close the door Talita”, then I look at the closed door very confused, but what he means is ” close the door when you leave the room”. And, I get annoyed because of that.

  8. iamher87 says:

    Good, sometimes I speak “too loud”.

  9. NeedForLiberty says:

    The girl has a point.

  10. thautcast says:

    This is a great video– it’s featured on my blog thAutcast. I think you describe things in a way that’s very accurate and helpful. Thank you very much.

  11. BumsenDK says:


  12. FatherToaSon says:

    You are really good at describing your comminucation issues. I really hope alot of people see your video. When I try to understand NT´s I often ask then to try to put what they just said in another way. For NT´s understanding me I cant do much since I dont know how to put in this hidden things . And when I talk plain to them they try to read to much in to it .When there is not much to read into except the words themselfs.

  13. mainstdancer08 says:

    I’m the same way with being quiet

  14. elinaesh says:

    (continued) I start feeling extremely uncomfortable, and to avoid further confusion, I’d just ask the person if he/she meant something else with that sentence. It wouldn’t necessary lead to positive results, but at least it’s better than having to deal with misinterpretations later on.

  15. elinaesh says:

    It’s very hard for me to improve my social skills. I can analyze the situations but when I’m in the process of communicating with someone, I still think literally and base my actions on logic rather than feelings, like NTs would do. I’ve learned to recognize similarity in phrases which have hidden meanings – they are usually followed by quite obvious physical suggestions, be it certain facial expressions or gestures. It doesn’t have to be completely true whatsoever. But when I notice that, I

  16. boomshikawowow says:

    Thank you so much for that video, Now I understand more how persons like you can feel. My nephew is autist, he’s only 4 and I’m doing my best to help him to speak and to tell how he feels He hits me or scream instead, it’s really frustrating. I’m trying so hard to make him speak like you do, I hope he will. Thank you so much Genevieve you’re such an honorable woman and I wish you the BEST in your life

    Ismail (from France)

  17. lawndogmoon says:

    This was a really good video and I could relate to 90% of everything you said. I’m not autistic, but I do have schizoid personality disorder & we are sometimes compared to autistics.

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