“Tһе аmаᴢіחɡ ѕtοrу οf Dr. Temple Grandin’s ability tο read tһе animal mind, wһісһ һаѕ mаԁе һеr tһе mοѕt famous autistic woman οח tһе planet.” – BBC

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25 Responses to “The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow – part 1”
  1. JessaMesss says:

    Right on for her mom, what a great caring Mother =)

  2. takadi says:

    Seems more like aspergers than autism

  3. johnmatsson says:

    @shananagans5 Thank you for your very insightful post comment!

  4. BatALash says:

    This woman is brilliant. Claire Danes did an amazing job of portraying her in the movie. Everyone should watch it.

  5. TheChristiangirl777 says:

    lol she works with lunch she is awesome though i think she is the coolest ever

  6. MsYperite says:

    i like her. the title is pretty awful thought

  7. XeloX2 says:

    i like “wallis and vomit” aswell lol

  8. alihosseini1175 says:

    @EvEyEn the only thing that is wrong is that she is socially akward, but other than that she is an amazing woman.

  9. jmurdaj says:

    why does the video say she was born severely autistic? she is obviously high functioning. severe autism is sooooo different from what she has. But still, she is a genius. i wish i could be half as smart as her. and her autism has helped her more than it has hurt her. she should be an inspiration to everyone. the next time u think sumthin is too hard, think about her. she never took no for an answer and stood up for what she believed in. watch the movie

  10. MyPinkNBlack says:

    You guys should see the movie, I saw it at school the other day and it is amazing!!!! You should really cheack it out!!!

  11. SoulcaliburSkiller7 says:

    @EvEyEn she’s only diagnosed with high-functioned autism i was born with that aswell

  12. EvEyEn says:

    @silvershields I’m sorry, did you read what I said? My words read “In the wild.” And you can disagree with me if you want, but it’s true. It’s called survival of the fittest. That means if an animal is born with some defect, or disability that doesn’t allow it to function like the rest, and acts as a disadvantage, it is then in the category of being unfortunate under it’s circumstances. And there is a good chance that that animal will die. Which is very unfortunate for that animal.

  13. silvershields says:

    @EvEyEn Im sorry but that whole bit about those unfortunate “die off” wow – get a grip

  14. EvEyEn says:

    @silvershields This is MY personal opinion on this matter. Just like any prototype, you need to work out the kinks and glitches to get it just right. The human genome works the same way as we evolve. Trying to find the right recipe to evolve the right way. In the wild, it’s all about survival of the fittest. Those unfortunate, die off, and essentially, that genome is discontinued, as the better is live, and reproduce, spreading that genome. In modern society, we don’t let those unfortunate die.

  15. Mommi2Angels says:


  16. silvershields says:


  17. silvershields says:

    @EvEyEn what do you say for those who are on the Autistic Spectrum, but have no speech and arent geniuses and will depend on someone else to take care of them for the rest of their lives?

  18. MrWisemasterful says:

    @DEACONAP4LOVE Only one way to find out…

  19. powergirl07 says:

    @DoapNixon13 No, admittedly mine isn’t as severe, but I still did need special attention. Before I was diagnosed I was doing really badly and I was below average, but as soon a I got help I began to improve.
    I think there should be more free special schools because over here most special schools (apart from the private ones are free).

  20. DoapNixon13 says:

    @powergirl07 is your autism as severe as hers? because some forms of autism arent as
    severe and dont require as much special attention as hers did, but if you do have that level
    of autism you would greatly benefit from specialized schools which are extremely expensive, which not every family can afford

  21. powergirl07 says:

    @DoapNixon13 I disagree. I’ve got a form of autism and I’ve been to five schools, all public, in total because I moved around a lot. I wasn’t even diagnosed with autism until my fifth school which was the high school and I didn’t get an education plan until I was in the second year.
    Now I’m in the second year of college (I guess that’s like high school in America) and I’m going to university in September and maybe doing an exchange in the second year. :)

  22. DEACONAP4LOVE says:

    sure she may be able to think like a cow but does she taste like one?

  23. amelitaz says:

    @Sibs1990 lol… nice sense of humor

  24. DoapNixon13 says:

    @jewel1975 congrats but the majority arent

  25. jewel1975 says:

    @DoapNixon13 Im an autistic educated in public school and I’m perfectly fine. And successful.

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