Tһіѕ іѕ mу son аƖmοѕt 11, acting out һіѕ obsession, magic. Hе ԁοеѕ חοt quite understand һοw magic works, һе believes һіѕ tricks аrе real, аחԁ һе believes һіѕ audience аrе convinced tһеу аrе tο. Iח һіѕ mind, wһаt һе sees, аחԁ wһаt һе believes іѕ wһаt уου see аחԁ wһаt уου believe.

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25 Responses to “Theory of mind In Autistic spectrum disorders”
  1. EaSiCerulVerde says:

    the boy have autism or asperger?

  2. symbolt says:

    @darky2007 I guess that the fact he is copying others is not that bad. Actually, neurotypical people also copy others quite a lot, it just seems that they know what they’re saying. E.g. saying “wait, what am I supposed to do” absent-mindedly while walking into a room. It’s practically just a saying, but you say it more or less in the situation it’s supposed to be said – eventually the meaning might “click” and you can start using it consciously. BTW he has very “communicative” intonation.

  3. incomparableguy says:

    its an interesting concept to think of autism as a mental disorder, yet autistic people can be incredibly brilliant

  4. MsMeekz says:

    He is amazing.

  5. ConfusedByLC says:

    @Serge165 I love bowling! But my understanding of physics is nil though I can do maths if I have too! You’re completely right as to how you experience the world & I really wouldn’t recommend doing it any other way! Well, except on occasion :)

  6. Serge165 says:

    @ConfusedByLC OH, and sorry if I sounded Egoic in any way shape or form, I was merely trying to point out something. and i’m glad i made you smile. Your lad is beautiful. I can relate to lots of other things THROUGH what I like. For example, I’m taking up bowling again, butg it deals in phyiscs and in math and strategy :)

  7. ConfusedByLC says:

    @Serge165 But I totally understand the bias you are referencing; it is a common one however in my circle it would be the sport fanatics that aren’t allowed let alone given the chance to ramble unless they expect me to roll my eyes at their ridiculous obsession XD

  8. ConfusedByLC says:

    @Serge165 (cont) be noted as relevant and interesting, not viewed negatively as an ‘obsession’. However a sports fanatic in the same circle may feel that there ‘obsession’ with their winning team or the game is juvenile & an irrational obsession. My point was that due perhaps to your own experiences & perspective the word ‘obsession’ seemingly has negative connotations. In effect attaching perhaps your own emotional experiences to what for some is essentially ‘just a word’.

  9. ConfusedByLC says:

    @Serge165 I do understand where you are coming from; however from your experiences perhaps you are setting up ‘markers’ so to speak so that you notice this biased perspective more often. Since sport may be considered more ‘socially acceptable’ it may be obsessively talked about especially over certain seasonal times etc. I hate sports myself; however again it may be your negative connotations & experiences that cause you to focus on the bias you mention. In many circles your conversation would

  10. Serge165 says:

    @Serge165 (Cont) but if its something N-dimensional like quantum physics or philosophy, which has no gronds in the 3D world or is now theory, I am advised not to bring it up. Yet in the work place I used to be at , you had guys talking video games all day.

  11. Serge165 says:

    @ConfusedByLC THe other point I wanted to make and yes, I seew here you’re comming from because I grew up seeing it on both ends) is that Neurotypicals can have the same sort of superseding interests/passions/obsessions. what I was mainly tring ot get at in reference to the poetry was the fact hat I belive its a freedom of speech issue IE because sporfts are something “real” people are allowed to ramble on and on about hem (and again, i’[ve sen this)

  12. ConfusedByLC says:

    @Serge165 The word obsession may have negative connotations to you because of your experience growing up; for others the word obsession is taken only as it is defined. Obsession may be used over the word passion or hobby because it is perhaps a focus that would supercede other things. Someone may be passionate about stamp collecting but still be able to relate to other hobbies or not talk about their collections; if it was an obsession they may relate anything & everything to stamp collecting.

  13. aresSonic says:

    yes :D i like too

  14. rbrtpongo says:

    is he from England?
    that is really cool.

  15. petchharrison says:


  16. autismguide says:

    He is beautiful.

  17. tysn18456246 says:

    Extreamly interesting video. Notice the slight echoing related to the SPLD impairments.
    I myself use to be like him at 10, I am now 21.

  18. NostaljiRuzgari says:

    he is so intelligent…

  19. joelryton says:

    I like his accent.

  20. callumcool1 says:

    that used to be me at ten

  21. cornflakes002 says:

    Magic is what ever you want it to be.

  22. happytoess says:

    cute kid

  23. Danacrumb says:

    what a beautiful boy!!

  24. xxpman95xx says:


  25. abram730 says:

    tere are some good darren brown videos on youtube I think he’d like to see.

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