Aftеr research іחtο tһе visual distortions, depth perceptions аחԁ οtһеr sensory problems οf Autistics аחԁ tһеіr perpective οf tһе world fοr tһе MA i аm studying, I һаνе сrеаtеԁ a qυісk slideshow wһісһ imagines аחԁ рοrtrауѕ һοw MY severely Autistic daughter MIGHT view tһе world © ѕοmе further info аחԁ ref

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25 Responses to “Throu the eyes of Autism”
  1. fracturedpersona says:

    it’s metaphorical…not meant to be visually accurate…but many thanks for your comment :)

  2. goddabest says:

    no, not 100% accurate, true they focus on specific things that other people overlook or dont even know about. The blurred vision is not true.. the perception is more like center an object, or thing, view or something else (a house) and the rest is a little blurred or less focused.. thats all, the various blurred pictures make no sense… is she visually impaired? no

  3. alisamakora says:

    ok, im autistic, and i have one thing to say: i love that your trying to understand and spread awareness. but plenty of people will look at this video and take the whole “blurry/dizzy/out of focus” thing literally, and think their kids are on a constant mental acid trip. i’ve seen enough parents treat autistic kids like they are nuts, and this doesnt help change that. I understand what your trying to say, what you show, but MANY people wont. they wont look deeper. please think on that.

  4. heather1996actress says:

    I don’t wanna be mean but, it looks like she’s high or something. I mean I don’t think that people or kids with autism see things all blury like that. Nice vid. though. :)

  5. confusion66666666666 says:

    i have autism. but seriously come on is this really how severely autistic people see the world. i mean it seems kinda weird. youd think they would get dizzy with all the blurryness.(i think thats how you spell it)

  6. meheh says:

    Maybe some of them can see things more clearly than we ever could.

  7. eScential says:

    The only thing that diminished this for me is Irlen Filters. Now I can drive and see a wider view if not a ‘whole picture’ or NTs.

  8. eScential says:

    Are you asking if your daughter lives in a “creepy” world? Must be unpleasant to believe that of someone you love so well.

  9. jkfine says:

    Does anyone know what the cause of this kind of vision is? It does not only occur when you are autistic, I have this kind of vision as well if I do not really concentrate on looking at something. Both is very exhausting, concentrating on seeing “correctly” as not seeing things in hole, but details or even only a blur of colors and shapes. But if you’re used to this kind of vision, maybe it opens new perspectives on beauty itself? I don’t know. Beautiful video anyhow and thank you :)

  10. Emilydogcat says:

    but nothing is blurry to me—the details just stand out more—like they are neon colour and everything else is a regular shade.

  11. Emilydogcat says:

    But the world for me isn’t blurry—-the picture is clear—but the detail pops out more—-like it is neon.

  12. Emilydogcat says:

    I have Asperger’s Syndrome—-you can memorize certain spatial qualities—I drive a car and I know how far to stay back from other vehicles—I also drive the same route—problems occur with unfamiliar roads—also focusing on certain details—yes—-seeing one particular thing—-it does stand out—a sound, a sight, a smell.

  13. patriciabshe93 says:


  14. instagasm says:

    this is a wonderful video. my daughter has autism, and i know this is how she sees the world around her. thank you for posting.

  15. AspergersAngel says:

    that is very accurate i know for a fact i have Autism and i live like this every single day

  16. YELLOWCUACUA says:

    Genial video! la primera cosa que note acerca de mis huijos es que siempre “buscaban luces en las esquinas”

  17. joeylukeshannon says:

    I totaly agree with you there. My litle guy can be tiresome at times, but there is not one thing about him I want “fixed”

  18. justin6378 says:

    I’d say for me, the things i’m not focusing on would be blanked out, not blured, unless something moves quickly in my periphial vision, then i HAVE to look at that.

  19. utubedano says:

    thank you for this video..

  20. zincbender says:

    Yes, I found this video to be creepy. I have Asperger’s so I can relate to it, but it still is kind of scary.

    As for the praying for her to be healed thing, someone once said that about me. It’s just ignorance.

  21. bejosumitomo says:

    That song gave me a damn headache…..

  22. gamiezion says:

    do you wanna know what the creppy thing about this video is?
    its EXACTLY the way i see the world…

  23. yfm4450 says:

    Many years ago while young I experimented with pot…. However, after this one particular time I never felt the same the next day…. After years and years of wondering why I looked at the world differently after smoking…. I think this video finally answered my questions.

  24. cancerthatiskillingb says:

    wow this is just how i see.

  25. loozin5no0tyme says:

    Sometimes I wish I had such conditions to understand their perception of things.

    But, like many with Autism, I find myself staring into space; amazed at the natural wonders of this little world.

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