Pic slideshow οf 3 autistic boys I know , plus autism facts I Ɩονе уου Corey ricky аחԁ aaron Lονе Stacy

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25 Responses to “Touched by Autism – Believe”
  1. tubepotato500 says:

    @PeNkNiFeLoVeLiVe AMEN!!! Society sadly treat autistic employees like shit in the workplace regardless of their education credentials.

  2. ASDogGeek says:

    one flaw with the rates is that there are a lot of adults being diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome who ar 30-70 or 80. They were previously undiagnosed do to lack of understanding and awareness of Aespergers and the autism spectrum. For every newly diagnosed case it is factor into the year it was diagnosed. So until someone spends a tone of time going through all the diagnosis’s and placing them with the individuals generation the figures or inaccurate and approximate at best.. excellent video!

  3. blondecrane says:

    @PeNkNiFeLoVeLiVe you are a person if you dont believe in nything else believe that

  4. PeNkNiFeLoVeLiVe says:

    having autism sucks i dont even feel like a person most times..

  5. Go21Veg says:

    Maybe the odds have jumped from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 150 because it’s a good thing. High-functioning autism is a gift, not a disability. Thanks for the vid, though.

  6. shnagglepuss says:

    People with autism do not all “flap their arms in the grocery store and throw uncontrollable tantrums” – that’s just the naive, narrow-minded attitude that people are trying to get rid of. I went to college (and was friends with) people with autism and most of them were intelligent, normal people to all intents and purposes…their autism just meant that they found a lot of social situations awkward and difficult to understand. People like them would not have been diagnosed 20 years ago…

  7. blondecrane says:

    My child is autistic why would I be scared of him , I’m not .
    I was just saying that the differences between twenty years ago and now are staggering . Its an awareness video thats all

  8. meyermom42 says:

    I don’t think this video is telling us to be scared of people w/ autism. It is saying that the increase in numbers of children being diagnosed w/ autism is frightening. I really don’t buy the “better diagnosis” baloney. These kids were not around in these huge numbers 20 years ago. We did not see them flapping their arms in the grocery stores and throwing uncontrollable temepr tantrums.

  9. xxberryangelxx says:

    exactly autism iss hard to live with! (i know because im autistic)

  10. gahana108 says:

    Evolution! <3

  11. PinkPunkyKat says:

    Who does this song?

  12. treitmaniac says:

    Asking people to be scared of Autistics isn’t doing any good. It’s just making the problem of intolerance even worse.

  13. treitmaniac says:

    The timing of the figures is a bit off, and what the video *conveniently* neglects to mention is that the vast majority of autistics wouldn’t have been diagnosed twenty years ago. There isn’t any conclusive proof that autism is increasing at all. The definition of autism has expanded, and more families are seeking professional diagnosis than they used to.

  14. treitmaniac says:

    Let me get this straight. You open with a remark about how you love these three autistic, and then you pose figures asking people if they’re “scared yet?” Is this how you show people you love them?

  15. brooklyn3773 says:

    and now according to many sources its 1 and 94. i am doing reasearch on autism for school and this is a great video. i also believe there is great hope for autistic children. The young man from greece arcadia (jason mcelwain) is a great example that autistic children are just like everyone else

  16. conduirty says:

    My son is 7 years old and I believe!


    Thanks for this interesting video :) I worked with an Autist child and I BELIEVE IN HIM ! Everybody must BELIEVE in them :)

  18. autsimwarrior says:

    This is a great video. My daughter is another face of Autism. She is also a face of many children born with a Congenital Heart Defect who is going in for her 2nd heart surgery in the next week. So we know that she is extremely special. Keep faith alive that someday we can recover these kids from Autism. I, too, Believe.

  19. Angel070385 says:

    I can’t believe this ! 1/10000 to 1/500 in 15 years and now, 1/150… And in 20 years after ? Maybe in the futur, all the people will be autistic, who know! Is autism the next “human evolution?”

    This make me thinking and philosophing lol!

  20. blondecrane says:

    Some people post here not intending to get educated but try to make theirselves look big by posting some retarded garbage I’m sick of you people , I’m trying to do some good here , and you all come here and post all your Ted Bundy and Immortal Emperor Bullshit but here’s a nice surprise for you all I’m blocking all of you , and removing your commments .

  21. blondecrane says:

    Thank you , a nice comment finally !! Keep the faith honey I understand

  22. meislandu2 says:

    i have been reading some of the comments posted and am dismayed and shocked with the level of ignorance i see!!!and for the naysayers….yes i have other things i would like to do at 4 in the morning but between waiting for the floor to dry ,from spilled paint ,and wondering if the house will get burned down tonite , i can t help but see if there is anyone else experiencing the same type actions ..my best to all that keep tjhe faith .

  23. BabyTBabe says:

    My brother was diagnosed with autism by one out of about 9 or 10 other doctors, so he isnt autistic, but how can you tell? I am worried about him….
    btw, this is a beautiful video!!! =]

  24. trishkellytrishkelly says:

    This video is beautiful. I have an autistic brother myself and its very hard for me to have a normal life. but whats normal? People stare and judge and it really hurts but.. I have learnt so much about life from him than anyone else.. its sad that they say autism is not real even if its right under their noses.. the most sad part is those who has not come face to face with an autistic, never get a chance to be inspired by them and missed out a lot.

  25. blondecrane says:

    If you ever need support just message me

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