Mе singing Elvis Presley’s ‘уου аrе always οח mу mind’ I һаνе Tourettes , I wаѕ ticcing аחԁ sometimes mу tics mаkе mе laugh, ѕο уου mау see traces οf mirth, tһаt being ѕаіԁ ..еחјοу

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25 Responses to “Tourettes Karaoke Elvis ‘you are always on my mind’”
  1. roystone4 says:

    brill man oiiiyyy lol

  2. thecabbage4 says:

    legend x

  3. Wibble99O says:


  4. toffycrackle says:

    Hey – I think you have a great voice and I think it is great how you can take the fun out of yourself and your condition – I am manic depressive- only wish I could fkn sing half as well as you!!! Really enjoyed the vid – brilliant !!!!!!!!

  5. mrfunnyfunny says:

    You fuckin’ rule.

  6. ILLUSIVEMAN1 says:

    get on the x factor you certainly have something a little different and interesting.

  7. Mika151 says:

    haha that rules

  8. Errathetube says:

    You are fucking awesome, you have a really good voice and i have great respect for your condition even if i find this really fun :) keep it up!

    Oi fuck!

  9. Antonpizza112 says:

    Damn your good!! Realy nice vids you got. And don’t listen to those idiots that say you suck. That’s not true. Keep rocking!!!!!!

  10. OddballE8 says:

    dude! you rock the shirt off most people! keep it up!

  11. Jullzor says:

    Awesome man, keep up the good work!

  12. MrZarzung says:

    You sing really good! Keep on going no matter what other people say! Fucking Amazing you are!

  13. vire123456789 says:

    haha man your awesome. keep it up!

  14. TheMainMeal says:

    thanks Juicey..’soothing’ is a bit strong…but many thanks…

  15. TheMainMeal says:

    oh shush….that kind of talk gets me all embarressed…but thankyou thankyou…

  16. JuiceyAngel says:

    You have a really nice and soothing voice when you sing. I subed ur AWESOME !

  17. xGothicWolfie666x says:

    Will u marry me? LoL Ur awesome!!! LoL

  18. j6cb says:

    How do you have so much free time haha? :D

  19. xGothicWolfie666x says:

    This is great!!!

  20. fronkenpoop says:

    Great job.

  21. IsThisTourettes says:

    haha!! You’re awesome!! I have TS as well!! :)

  22. seabreaze56 says:

    good job. fuck,fuck,fuck! (: ur good though.

  23. sukarita666 says:

    you’re the best, guy.

    you were always on my mind – fuck fuck fuck! :p

  24. LaBellaa1984 says:

    @thewhoppinator Superduper!! LOL oi fuckers.. it looks sexy though like a real musician

  25. BalderKongen says:

    Sounds like a good plan! You go Guy! ;D

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