Another tic day, another song, tһіѕ time I include a brief explanantion οf јυѕt һοw knackering doing a song wіtһ severe tics саח bе…

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25 Responses to “Tourettes Karaoke REM’s ‘Losing my religion’”
  1. supersubsonyk says:

    He’ll yer… That shits awesome

  2. jamescliff5 says:

    haha that is classic

  3. callumchandler says:

    do you have a wife? because id like to marry you <3<3<3

  4. pureboy1 says:


  5. rlcook75 says:

    I’ve never heard a better rendition of this song! I’m subscribing right now!

  6. JoachimifraSkoger says:

    At 1:17, sounds like you got a message on facebook! haha

  7. Xtreamesk8er13 says:

    you sing well. :)

  8. 9zeb1 says:

    you did well your a good singing keep it up (y)

  9. salldarling says:

    i can tell how tense you are whole way through. big respect to you fella. keep up the sterling work and i think x factor needs you next year man seriously cos that show would be awesome with you on it!!!!! xxx

  10. weirdmeatloaf says:

    well done, that was hilarious!

  11. strangergirl says:

    looks so exhausting. :-l

  12. siead says:

    you have a really amazing singing voice. <3

  13. TheMainMeal says:

    @ampNirvana10 fucker

  14. ampNirvana10 says:

    Question (not to do with Tourettes):

    Are you saying fuckah, fucker, or fuck-up?
    Kinda hard to tell with the English accent…

  15. thunderkiss641 says:


  16. BreathTheDeath says:

    Just a FUCING dream.

  17. TheMainMeal says:

    @9364peter Its not that I control them to any great degree, I have to do quite a few takes of a track, because I am unable to control the tics enough to complete the song, what you see in the videos is a ‘best of the bunch’ . I don’t actually hear what alot of folk seems to hear, to me the tics are interruptions, they do not fit in with the song at all. Folk will hear what they hear, I can’t explain why an individual hears tics blending in with a song, thats to do with their mind,

  18. 9364peter says:

    A serious question for you… how are you able to control your tic’s to sing the song correctly but inbetween the lyrics your tic’s come through?
    Love what you do, your wife must be a saint, keep the videos going.

  19. luckynumber6 says:

    Its actually rather tuneful

  20. JadeyChi says:

    @applewoody now THIS made me laugh. He really does, doesn’t he?

  21. McQuade8200 says:


  22. hobartc says:

    dude love ur work, i run a rocky oke which is like karaoke but with a live band, if u wanted to come down for a song would be epic :)

  23. hayleybooker says:

    as serious as toureettes is it still makes me chuckle x

  24. hayleybooker says:

    as serious as it is the video did make me chuckle lol x

  25. amaprana says:

    Ich seh tatsächlich Potenzial in dieser Stimme…. Angenommen, es gäbe einen Song ohne jede Wortpause: wäre dann das Tourette während dem Gesang weg? Die Schimpfwörter kommen immer nur in den Pausen…

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